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Kieran Apr 17 745 views

How can I get started in freelance writing?

I'm a high school senior who is graduating high school who is looking to make money to help pay my college tuition and my only experience is writing essays for class

Juliana’s Avatar
Juliana Apr 19 602 views

What is the best networking for potential actors and writers that is better than LinkedIn?

I’m currently creating a list of schools to apply to. What are the best networking apps for potential actors and writers to beyond that’s not LinkedIn?

Catherine’s Avatar
Catherine Apr 20 236 views

How can I become successful with my dream career of being a journalist?

Understanding how to be successful

G’s Avatar
G Apr 20 550 views

where should i start to get into the film industry?

please help

Sourav’s Avatar
Sourav Mar 08 691 views

How a film director can collaborate with a worldwide film directors, and make new film's with together, and how they can find a producer for their future project's?

Expecting film directors to collaborate.