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What is the path to a successful career in international relations?

I am interested in working internationally, but I am not sure what type of college major or experiences I need to have in order to do so. #career-paths #international...


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Mohammed I. Jun 17, 2016 1276 views

I have no idea what I want to do once I graduate from high school. What do I do?

I have no idea what I want to do once I graduate from high school. I am good in painting, art and craft and very much interested in Public Health. #doctor #artist #arts #arts-and-crafts #drawing-and-painting...


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Karen P. Aug 07, 2016 1356 views

In high school, is it better to take career-related classes or classes that are pretty unnecessary to your future but are fun for you?

In high school, classes are separated into core classes (main subjects like Mathematics, English, Science, etc.) and electives (classes outside a required curriculum like Creative Writing, Band, Ceramics, etc.). Electives may not seem that important because they are more of a "just because"...

#student-counseling #high-school-classes #electives

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jesse R. Oct 31, 2016 353 views

What is the best college to attend for Kinesiology

I am interested in working with sports teams in physical therapy or as a doctor and I am wondering what is the best college to attend to have opportunities to intern in this field during my undergraduate education. #sports-medicine...


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Raheem D. Feb 10, 2017 447 views

what is a career that falls in the topic of drawing cartoons or animated characters

i'm interested in drawing cartoon or atleast animations and i was wondering is there a career for that and what is the name of them...THANK YOU #artist #arts-and-crafts...


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Lydia A. Jun 22, 2017 8425 views

Careers available in prevention of human trafficking?

I am a high school student currently enrolled in collegiate high school working towards my AA. I am very interested in fighting sex trafficking and would be interested to know my options as far as this field goes and what my major should be to be successful on this path, but still have a...

#non-profit #human-trafficking #gender-studies #psychology #sociology #human-rights #human-resources #social-services #career-details