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Civic Duty
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Kendria Oct 09, 2018 1026 views

Is it easy to find jobs in human resources

#humanservices #human-resources

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Neha Aug 18, 2018 535 views

When in college should I know what exactly I want to do in my future ?

I am about to be an undergrad at a 4 year college and don't know what I want to do. I am scared about when I should figure everything out. #help #college

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Oct 15, 2018 559 views

How early is too early to apply to college?

#college-advice #college-admissions #college

wendy’s Avatar
wendy Oct 11, 2018 884 views

Why did choose the job you have?

Just why you choose the job you have. Why you choose to do this one job almost every day for the rest of your life. #career

Gabriela’s Avatar
Gabriela Oct 12, 2018 620 views

Is there anywhere I can get my essays reviewed for free?

I don't have a job and I don't want to bother my English teacher with essays that aren't written for her class. Are there any other websites/people/etc. I could get my essays reviewed for free? #essay #feedback #essay-feedback #review

Barret’s Avatar
Barret Jan 22, 2018 1103 views

Wondering whether or not to get certified.

I'm currently getting a master's in counseling. During my time getting my master's, health has become more important to me and has allowed me to lose a good deal of weight. I still wish to participate in my master's program, but I would also like to get certified in nutrition. I want to be able...

Anika’s Avatar
Anika May 24, 2018 892 views

How do I determine my major?

I'm stuck deciding between a few majors. How do I narrow it down? Is it better to go in undeclared? #majors #major #college-major #choosing-a-major #double-major

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Mar 20, 2018 662 views

Do women in the predominantly male Engineering field face challenges of being heard and/or taken seriously in the professional workplace?

I am a female engineering student and I often find myself being isolated in the classroom setting by the overwhelming majority of male students. I feel as if some of my ideas and contributions are not heard or simply looked over due to being female in a "male oriented" career. I am curious to...

Soala’s Avatar
Soala Oct 08, 2018 729 views

What are the career options for a biomedical engineering degree and do you need a phd to get a good job

#engineering #biomedical-engineering #career #job

Alexas’s Avatar
Alexas Oct 10, 2018 883 views

How do I job shadow a Therapist if there are the privacy things?

So my teacher sent out an assignment where we all have to job shaddow the career that we scored highest on in this group of surveys; I scored highest in Art Therapy, Music Therapy, and Psycology. I can't job shaddow any of those (that I know of) because of the deal that the therapist makes,...

Moiz’s Avatar
Moiz Aug 11, 2018 805 views

Upon graduating with a decent engineering degree and working just about enough to pay off the debt, how can one give back to the society?

My mother always emphasized on something - "always leave something better than how you found it". I would like to live up to her model.

#engineering #volunteering #payback #mindfulness #satisfaction #technology #upliftment #scholarship