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Civic Duty

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Edgar’s Avatar
Edgar Feb 19, 2015 1008 views

What are the requirements for Civil Engineering ? and what do you have to do in order to become a Civil Engineer?

I'm indecisive between Civil engineering and I want to learn what do you have to know about it in order to become one. #engineer #civil-engineering #civil

anusha’s Avatar
anusha Jun 23, 2016 1109 views

what percentage of marks should I score to get an admission in engineering?

Need guidance to become an engineer #engineering #computer #technology #civil-engineering #maths

divakar’s Avatar
divakar May 03, 2016 998 views

I want to become a civil Engineer , which course i should take for PUC?

I Have completed 10th #civil-engineering #civil

kanika’s Avatar
kanika May 02, 2016 918 views

what is mean by Civil Engineer?

Hi I am Kanika studing in 10th std I want to know about Civil Engineer?so please help me. #engineer #teaching #teacher #professional #civil-engineering #teach

SheridanJ_af13’s Avatar
SheridanJ_af13 Mar 27, 2013 4440 views

What is the employment rate for graduates with a Civil Engineering degree?

I am High School senior and I have my mind set on studying engineering. #civil-engineering

ramajunn’s Avatar
ramajunn Aug 19, 2016 2893 views

my aim is to become a civil engineer? means which subject i want to take please guide my career

about civil engineer #any #professional

Ping’s Avatar
Ping Aug 20, 2016 855 views

How does civil engineering work?

How does civil engineering work?

I have been wondering for some time. It seems very interesting but I am unsure what it is about. #civil-engineering

Allie’s Avatar
Allie May 28, 2016 1314 views

Do you have to buy all your books or are they online?

Books are so expensive so I was wondering if they are online so I don't have to buy them all? #college #in #or

Michael’s Avatar
Michael May 28, 2016 836 views

What design programs are most often used by engineers?

I am already proficient in the use of AutoCAD and SketchUp, and have some experience with SolidWorks. I was wondering if there were any other programs like them that I should try to learn how to use that would be helpful in the future. #engineer

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas May 26, 2016 905 views

What sort of jobs can you get with a Civil Environmental Engineering Degree?

This is my major and I would like to know from a professional what it's like to find a job that fits with their degree. #engineering #engineer #civil-engineering #environmental-science #environmental

Marianne’s Avatar
Marianne May 26, 2016 1048 views

What is the single most best advice for incoming college freshman to successfully transition into college?

I am an incoming freshman who wants to transition into college so that I am able to do well in my classes. #college #student #graduate

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin May 24, 2016 1201 views

What are some of the best strategies you can provide people who are going into college and want to be succesfull not only in threw their journey but at the same time after their journey after college and into the real work world?

I want to be better prepared for when my first day of college comes up and after college i want to be better prepared so i can enter the work world or the real world with strategies to be succesfull #college #civil-engineering #strategy #success #motivation #planning