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Andover, Ohio

Within 40 mile radius
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Caden yesterday 150 views

Volunteering as a high school senior

Where in my my area or virtual can I volunteer my time I will be becoming a high school senior this coming year

rosalia’s Avatar
rosalia Feb 15 823 views

Is law school hard? What do I major in to become a good lawyer?

Hello! What is the best major/s to choose for an aspiring lawyer. Is law school hard? I'm a freshmen in college and feel lost a little... I would love to become a lawyer but I heard it's difficult. I also don't know where to start because I'm switching my major and realized that the only...

Jaden’s Avatar
Jaden Oct 22, 2023 982 views

How can i be a better student?

What can i do to be a good student and strive to be good like harvard people

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Jayla Oct 04, 2023 283 views

What to do when finding a job?

What should I do if I want to find a job? How should I look for my resources when it comes to finding jobs? WHy is finding and researching these resources good for my knowledge? When will these resources help me?

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Sep 30, 2023 297 views

How should a 13 y/o explore colleges ?

Im a 13y/o in 8th grade so i have some time but its just something i would like to look into.

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Kaleb Sep 14, 2023 794 views

What is coding in simple terms?

Coding is like programming software

Shan’Drea’s Avatar
Shan’Drea Aug 17, 2023 361 views

When can you apply for scholarships?

When can you apply for scholarships? And can you double major and get a scholarship for them both or would you have to pick one of the majors?

Stella’s Avatar
Stella Aug 15, 2023 345 views

What do I need to do to become a astronomer

What do I need to do to become a astronomer

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Aug 11, 2023 587 views

What do I do if I have 2 options for a field that are related, yet a 3rd that is completely unrelated, yet I enjoy as much as the other 2?

I want to go into a biology field, either wildlife or agricultural, yet I also absolutely love all things choir. I want to have a career where I am constantly using my hands to figure something out, but I also want to help people learn something I've always enjoyed.

Kadence’s Avatar
Kadence May 14, 2023 341 views

I need help deciding what I would like to major in.

Hey! I have a general idea of what job I would like to have. I know I want to do something science based, I just have no clue what exactly I want to do. I was leaning towards something more medicine related, but then I think I decided Biology was more of my thing. I just want a fulfilling job,...

Kadence’s Avatar
Kadence May 13, 2023 411 views

What are some good tips to look good on college applications?

Hello! I am currently a sophomore in high school and was wondering, what are some things I could now to help me later on in life? Thank you :)

Kadence’s Avatar
Kadence May 13, 2023 396 views

I need science based job ideas.

I am looking for a science-related job. I don't really care a lot about money and just want a pretty non-stressful job, any ideas for me?

Addison’s Avatar
Addison Apr 14, 2023 515 views

How to find teaching jobs?

How do I find jobs of teaching surrounding me? Teaching is my dream but I'm scared after I gradjage college it will take a while to find a teachi g job near me

dashaila’s Avatar
dashaila Nov 02, 2021 495 views

what do you like most and least about your job

im dashaila want a better #job-search understanding of the different fields

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Nov 02, 2020 721 views

I have mental illness and have worried all my life if i will ever be able to get a job. Will I?

I have autism ADHD and anxiety will I be able to get a job when I'm older? #k-12-education #jobs #first-job

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