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Michael S. Jan 16, 2018 371 views

Should I enroll in an early college program?

I have been presented with the option to attend the Clarkson school in my senior year of high school, an offer that would essentially enroll me as a college student earlier than normal. I would attend the college and take college classes, in tandem with the courses required by my current school...

college-admissions preparing-for-college earlyadmissions college

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Michael S. Jan 17, 2018 477 views

How will the future of North American economy affect my own future?

I have high ambitions and goals to achieve in my life, and though I do wish to excel in all possible aspects of my life, I worry about the instability of the United States' economic system. Considering history's tendency to repeat itself due to human ignorance and general myopia, the economic...

economics global-economics future

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Kaela H. Dec 12, 2019 840 views

Should I take physics or AP Bio senior year?

My guidance counselor suggested I take physics but I rather take AP Bio. It's more interesting and I want to major in Biology in college. (I want to be an optometrist) My counselor said she was concerned that colleges wouldn't the AP Bio credits but I think taking AP Bio would show my...

science college-major college physics biology

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Brenda S. Apr 30, 2017 1166 views

Is there a cut-off for relevant information on resumes on Linked In, or should you include everything?

**For everyone who doesn’t have a LinkedIn and is reading this, I’d advise you to make one right now! It helps a lot, and even just making one and adding new things to it helps so much! LinkedIn is getting increasingly more popular with both employers and job-seekers. My university highly...

professional-development career writing linkedin resume job-application resume-writing professional-training

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Brenda S. Apr 29, 2017 1186 views

How do you address recipients in your email professionally?

Hello! I'm currently a freshman university student, and I send a lot of emails through my university email, to professors and university staff alike. I've done research on the right ways to email professors, reading tons and tons of articles but a Google search can't seem to help me. It's a...

professional-development university communications college professionalism communication-skills personal-development professional-training email