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Brossard, Canada

Within 40 mile radius
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Rehema N. Apr 07, 2021 179 views
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mariam T. Jan 30, 2021 170 views

how should i get motivaited

i like to craft stuff and have my own shop , im 13 years old and im not sur if i want to be afashion designer...


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Jean-Sébatien L. Jan 29, 2021 250 views

Looking for a mentor in the sports industry

I am currently a second year university student in Business Intelligence. My principal fields of interests are communications, analytics and sports management. Thank you mentoring sports marketing analytics communications...


Jean-Sébatien L.’s Avatar
Jean-Sébatien L. Jan 26, 2021 193 views

How do I make my marks in the sports industry?

I am currently a second year university student in Business Intelligence. My principal fields of interests are communications, analytics and sports management. Thank you sports analytics...


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Yash K. Aug 15, 2020 292 views

How to get an internship

I need advice for getting an internship after 75 % completion of my current course. I'm an international student in Canada and I am pursuing Accounting and Finance. I will be looking to put my study experience in the real world and further develop my skills. Thanks in advance!...

students student-development internships

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M A. May 07, 2020 398 views

can you help find a volunteering or an internship opportunity ?

i am a potential computer science student .looking for an internship or volunteering opportunity that will allow me to utilize my problem solving skills and attention to detail to further develop my abilities in the field of computer science. internship computer-science computer science...


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Tina Y. May 06, 2020 670 views

Should I keep dance only a hobby or a career?

I am a dancer since the age of 5, I have been in several dance classes, and dance troupes. I am studying in a Bachelor of Education but I do not want to teach dance to little kids. If I were to teach dance I would prefer to teach it to people my age and who enjoy dancing and being in touch with...

choreography dance

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Leo L. Apr 21, 2020 260 views

Try to find a job after changing major from petroleum to finance

Hello, I have a degree in Geoscience (petroleum specializaton) and will take a finance master this year. Could you give me any advice on career path? I know that networking is very important in the business field but I find it not easy to build relationship. Could you provide any suggestion on...

business oil finance energy

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Dimitar N. Mar 16, 2020 860 views

What are your thoughts on working in the banking industry?

I am an economics student looking to connect with professionals in domaind such as banking, business and finance business finance...


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Maria R. Feb 21, 2020 470 views

What are good personal attributes and qualities to be a good candidate for the computer science field?

I'm considering going into computer science in my future, so I would love to know what qualities would be good to have to be able to make a good candidate for computer science. computer computer-science science technology computer-software...


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Maria R. Feb 21, 2020 505 views

I'm looking to increase the amount of exposure teens like me (17) have to coding and computer sciences so they can take it into account when thinking about their future like I'm doing. What could be the best way to do so?

I've thought about this a lot and I think organizing a workshop in schools that do not include computer science courses in their curriculum is the way to go. During the workshops, students will be taught to program in certain languages by experts, although I still nee a lot more planning. I am...

education technology planning computer-software volunteer computer computer-science

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Maria R. Feb 21, 2020 330 views

I want to enroll in the computer science program in dawson cegep, it is a three year program, but what if I'm wrong when I think I'll like it?

I am about to enroll in the computer science program in Dawson, it's a three year program and I honestly do not want to lose time. I've done computer coding and analysis before and i loved it, it was my best class, but it was a long time ago and I'm not sure if I'll keep liking it when I get...

technology computer-software computer college computer-science

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Sha M. Sep 19, 2019 353 views

Becoming a dentist

I want to study 3 years of college and become a dental hygiene, and start working. Then i would like to continue my study and become a dentist. dentist dentistry...


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Chun L. Mar 13, 2018 409 views

What do nurses in Canada do?

I wasn't from Canada and I found that the nurses in my homeland do the completely different work from the nurses in Canada do. I feel that nurses in Canada are more like doctors in my homeland. But I am not so sure about what nurses in Canada do. Could anyone give my some example of nurses'...

medicine nursing hospital-and-healthcare doctor nurse healthcare

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Chun L. Mar 20, 2017 768 views

Which majors in the universities in Canada are the most famous?

I've heard that every university has its most famous and the best major. For example, medicine is the best major in McGill University. So I wander which majors are the best in those better universities in Canada. university major college-major...


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Chun L. Mar 11, 2017 939 views

How can an international student study medicine in Canada?

I am an international student who is now studying in Montreal. I want to be a doctor. But I've heart that Canada doesn't allow international student to study clinical medicine unless he becomes a permanent resident of Canada. Is that true? If it is true, what should I do? college doctor...

international-student university career-counseling medical-education career-choice

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Ena W. Mar 20, 2017 553 views

How to find international affairs volunteering?

I don't want to go to abroad just like some international conference in local. volunteering...


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ali N. Jan 17, 2018 468 views

i want to create my own gaming company

how do i do this? what team mates do i need for this to work?...


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Dave B. May 31, 2017 3399 views

Medical biochemistry vs clinical pathology

Hi. Recently I was searching information about medical residencies and I found out that laboratory medicine has some kind of two "similar" specialties. So, my question is: what are the main differences between a physician with a specialty in medical biochemistry and another one with clinical...

medicine physician pathologist biochemistry healthcare

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Pam M. Jan 26, 2017 713 views

Tips for learning graphic design software?

How have you made use of your free time to learn design software in order to practice your skills and apply them to your education/profession? software design graphic-design freelance adobe-creative-suite personal-development...