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Coupeville, Washington

Within 40 mile radius
Adam’s Avatar
Adam Jan 23 779 views

How do i decide between possible careers im good at?

Im very athletic, im good at maths and computer and people tell me i have a talent for singing. Which should i pursue going forward?

Molly’s Avatar
Molly Jan 07 833 views

How do I get into athletic training?

I am a sophomore in highschool and I am highly interested in sports medicine, more specifically athletic training. I don't know where to even begin for this profession and am looking for guidance!

Anastasia’s Avatar
Anastasia Jan 05 615 views

Should i be a esthetitian or dermatoligist??

I want to be a esthetitian but with dermatologist knowledge but idk what to do

Anastasia’s Avatar
Anastasia Jan 05 575 views

What age can i start to go to school to be a dermatoligist?

what age can I start studing ti be a dermatologist?

Shyla’s Avatar
Shyla Nov 21, 2023 273 views

What will help me prepare for college?

I don't know how to apply for college but I do know the career that I would like, anything to do with music, art, and photography.

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Nov 11, 2023 453 views

how hard is it to be in college?

sometimes just confused lol

Celine’s Avatar
Celine Nov 05, 2023 354 views

How do you find a job for you?

What major your gonna study

lucy’s Avatar
lucy Oct 19, 2023 356 views

Major for Job?

How do you go about finding a major for what you want to do for a job?

Amwaj’s Avatar
Amwaj Oct 01, 2023 249 views

What are the most successful psychology careers ?

I've been thinking a lot about different careers lately and a psychologist was one of them, but I don't know which ones are best. Which ones do you recommend?

Thank you for your help and time!

rose’s Avatar
rose Sep 12, 2023 405 views

what is the best job for beginners when should you start and what time should you do on weekday or weekends?

what is the best job for beginners when should you start and what time should you do on weekday or weekends

Lee’s Avatar
Lee Aug 31, 2023 303 views

Where can I find reliable internships online?

I am interested in criminal justice and forensic science. How can I find internships that pertain to those interests when I am only 17?

An-Mei’s Avatar
An-Mei Aug 28, 2023 289 views

What are some good tips for doing good in school?

What are some tips for doing good in school?

Madeline’s Avatar
Madeline Aug 25, 2023 266 views

How can I get involved playing music for a circus troop?

I am 16 and am a musician. Pretty recently I got to see the Circ de Cele (definitely spelled that wrong) perform and I think it would be so cool to be a pit musician for something similar. Any professionals have any advice for finding those opportunities?

Sora’s Avatar
Sora Jul 04, 2023 392 views

How do i sell my artwork??

I am very very new to the business side of art and the art communities, how do i get myself more involved i am wondering? what tips do you have on collabing with others and galleries and murals ?

Mackenzie’s Avatar
Mackenzie Jul 02, 2023 282 views

Do any scholarships exist for people looking to get certain degrees?

Like a “psychology major scholarship” and if so what would usually be a way to get it?

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