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Anna N. Aug 24, 2018 254 views
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Patrick D. Sep 01, 2017 319 views

What support programs are there for students with autism in college? #autism#support

I am asking since my parents want me to have extra support while in college? # autism#support .#technolgy #medicine #highschool #college #disabilities #accessibility...


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tahajjuddin A. Jun 04, 2019 132 views

how much do brick mason make a year

how much do brick mason make a year....


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shawna B. Apr 11, 2019 205 views

am i apble to apply fofr this job?

as a 15 year old I would like some more details on this job and what needs to be done to apply #job #career-counseling...


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Stephanie P. Apr 26, 2018 327 views

Will I be able to complete academic research in a field with only a master’s degree, or should I plan to earn a doctorate?

I want to continue to study the relationships between education, psychology, and the ongoing digital revolution. It’s my current goal to be an online college instructor with a master’s degree in education and technology. #higher-education #education #technology #career #onlinelearning...

#masters #masters-degree #instructor #future-careers #teacher #elearning #instructional-technology #instruction

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Brooke E. Oct 21, 2016 404 views

What type of degree would I need to be able to get the best job that would be avaliable for me in the works and job offers in STEM?

I am the type that will go for it all, if that means I can get the best possible. But with this sometimes having the best isn't the best for you, like I could have a Ph.D in something and then have someone tell me "You didn't need that to hold a job for you here." And I don't want to do that if...

#youth-leadership #education-professions #women-in-leadership #business #future-careers

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Makayla B. May 22, 2016 468 views

What is the process like for starting up a summer camp program?

I am very interested in creating an art based summer camp for children some time in the future, but know very little about the logistics of it all. If anyone has experience in this field, let me know! #education #art #summer...


Brooke E.’s Avatar
Brooke E. Oct 21, 2016 494 views

With being a women, and if I pursure a career in STEM, what are the possibilities for me?

I would like to know because sometimes being a women can hold you back from doing certain jobs due to the advancement you need to take and not every women would take them due to they really don't fully understand them, and or a women has never held that role before. #business-development...

#international-business #ceo #federal-government #government-relations

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Makayla B. May 22, 2016 504 views

What is it like to teach high school kids?

I am on my way to becoming a teacher and am currently debating which age group I would like to focus on or work with specifically. If anyone has experience with multiple age groups and can share any thoughts that would be great! #education #art #high-school-classes #elementary-education...


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