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Gabriele T. Oct 27, 2018 212 views

Working as a Lobbyst in the US

Hi, My question is, would it be possible for me to work as a lobbyist or a government affairs officer for a company in the US, if I am not a US citizen? Thank you in advance #career...


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Nelly O. Mar 27, 2015 681 views

Which colleges in London are perfect for combining fashion course and business management?

Im looming for colleges in London that are great for the business courses and fashion courses… especially near Southwark… Anyone knows? #college #business #fashion...


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Nelly O. Mar 27, 2015 8240 views

I want to be a business woman, especially with the fashion industry because I love Fashion… What can be my major in college?

Hi… I love Fashion and would like to learn many things about the fashion industry, in order to have an opportunity to create something mine and so get into business… I've always had little ideas in getting money on my own, crazy things such as selling african little sweet food at school for...

Nelly O.’s Avatar
Nelly O. Apr 19, 2015 491 views

Is there any South-east London free college perfect for a 17yrs old girl that's looking for a major course in business and another couse in fashion?

I'm coming from Italy and haven't got my maturity exam (because of the fact that I should be 19 to do it) which is suppose to be the GCSE in London right? Someone should help because I'll be coming this year and I absolutely need a school to attend to... Thanks #college #business #school...

#help #fashion

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