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North Branch, Michigan

Within 40 mile radius
Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Feb 02 335 views

what the best thing i have to do if i want to learn speaking?

what the best thing i have to do if i want to learn speaking?

Lydia’s Avatar
Lydia Jan 25 490 views

How much money will I be making if I do decide to get my masters degree in nursing?

I need to be able to finically support myself.

Lydia’s Avatar
Lydia Jan 25 798 views

What is the highest paying job you can get in nursing without college?

idk if college is for me or not?

Lydia’s Avatar
Lydia Jan 25 483 views

Is it worth it going to college to get your masters degree for medical?

One of the career choices I'm debating on requires a master's degree, and I know that getting a master's degree will not be easy and expensive.

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Jan 19 503 views

What type of classes should I be trying to take in my junior/senior year of high school to focus on my career (see below)?

Hi! I'm currently looking to go into law school to obtain a J.D. and also a bachelor's degree in business administration or business management. What classes should I be focusing on in order to (1) achieve my goals and (2) improve my chances of enrolling into a high-level law school?

Breonia’s Avatar
Breonia Jan 17 432 views

what dose it mean to inspire in the work industry?

well i always wanted to be an Artist i think art is pretty cool so my question relate's to that

Addison’s Avatar
Addison Nov 30, 2023 182 views

Do you get to choose what school you go to, when you are student teaching in college ?

I am a junior in high school and this has been my most recent question.

MY’s Avatar
MY Nov 16, 2023 257 views

Where to go to college to become a bio med engineer and play sports?

I love soccer and I am also very passionate to be a bio medical engineer so where should I go to do both

Ay'Asia’s Avatar
Ay'Asia Aug 23, 2023 416 views

How long would it take me to become a nurse if I'm starting off as an MAA? Also i'm in job corps.

I'm currently in job corps

Zariah’s Avatar
Zariah Aug 02, 2023 413 views

How Do I look out for jobs that are fit for me ?

I'm trying to find a job that is fit best for me and getting help from a professional who can give me tips and ideas on how I should go about it or how I should start ?

D'asia’s Avatar
D'asia Jul 29, 2023 305 views

What piece of advice or perspective can you share as I enter my senior year of college for BSW Social Work? :)

I am excited and was hoping to read perspectives on career pathways starting out in the field, licensing tips, entry level jobs/experiences, and etc.

Paige’s Avatar
Paige Jul 09, 2023 171 views

How do I promote the skills I have and learn more that will help me in my learning?

I am a licensed EMT who is hoping to eventually get into a PA program. I am double majoring in biomedical science and cellular and microbiology.

Nevaeh’s Avatar
Nevaeh Jun 29, 2023 182 views

What is your motivation?

What is the best way to start doing and knowing what you really want to do? Is it a person you look up to or a desire to be who you want to be in life? What is the reason your still doing what your doing today?

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Jun 19, 2023 245 views

How can I narrow down all the career paths I am interested in?

There are a lot of things I want to find more about, but am not sure where to start! I have gotten some experimenting and knowledge through school clubs and asking family members about their jobs, and have signed up for one job shadow. But there aren’t many job shadows around me and I’m not...

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia May 16, 2023 178 views

What College did you go to ?

I am starting to look at colleges and I think I want to do something in the medical filed but I don't know what college to look at.

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