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Ja-Ia X.’s Avatar
Ja-Ia X. Ja-Ia X. May 18, 2018 309 views

How to handle high tuition rates for an out-of-state student?

I plan on transferring from a community college to a university. However, I am unsure as to how to transfer my credits and making sure that everything that I have done until now aligns. I am also concerned about the high tuition rate and how to compensate for it. For example, when I should be...

#savingmoney #outofstate #tuition

Kyla B.’s Avatar
Kyla B. Kyla B. Jan 24, 2020 181 views

For nurses, what is a typical work day look like?

I am a student at Job Corps, and I am pursing a career in nursing. I would love to see what a typical day looks like for a nurse in the emergency field. #registered-nurses #healthcare...


mackenzie K.’s Avatar
mackenzie K. mackenzie K. Jan 24, 2020 227 views

what does it take to become a medic in the navy

my name is Mackenzie im 16 and im really interested in going into the medic industry and #military #navy becoming a medic in the...

Ja-Ia X.’s Avatar
Ja-Ia X. Ja-Ia X. May 18, 2018 314 views

How do I convince my uptight parents to let me go to a university out of state?

I am the only daughter in my family. My family is very protective about my because of my gender, therefore I have some restrictions. I want to be able to study and work without my parents interfering so often. I also want to simply live my life and focus on my priorities without having someone...

#independence #career #college #gender #outofstate

Keely L.’s Avatar
Keely L. Keely L. Aug 29, 2018 359 views

Is a Parent Plus Loan the best option?

I am overwhelmed by loans and I can't tell which one is the best for me! #college #loans...


aydin C.’s Avatar
aydin C. aydin C. Jul 05, 2020 202 views

possible jobs for a 16 year old without a car

i am 16 and my only prior job experience is part time construction. what jobs would be possible for me?...


Corbin K.’s Avatar
Corbin K. Corbin K. Oct 03, 2019 274 views

What is your first interview like

Im a student at job corps...


Caleb V.’s Avatar
Caleb V. Caleb V. Sep 20, 2019 230 views

what steps would you reccomend I take to prepare to enter this field.

#technology I really like to build and put computer...

Heather L.’s Avatar
Heather L. Heather L. Aug 31, 2017 390 views

Is it silly to want to be a professional actress?

Something that I have always wanted to do was perform; from ballet to cheerleading and various kinds of acting, even putting up vlogs on YouTube, it has always been something in the back of my mind despite being shy and due to extenuating circumstances could never really be a part of. On the...

#psychology #acting #voice-acting #counseling-psychology

Ella M.’s Avatar
Ella M. Ella M. Oct 30, 2016 514 views

What's the best balance between what you enjoy and what makes money?

I want to do what I love, but I also want to be able to make a living. Tips on how to achieve both of those things? #science #music #art #money...


Keely L.’s Avatar
Keely L. Keely L. Aug 29, 2018 330 views

What if FASFA doesn't show my income correctly?

My parents make a good amount of money but I am paying for college on my own. I need more aid but I don't know how to get it besides scholarships and my job. #money...


kendal W.’s Avatar
kendal W. kendal W. Jan 24, 2020 254 views

Whats your motivation for being a nurse?

Im a student at cascade job corps I am wanting to further my future #nursing #medicine...


Alla L.’s Avatar
Alla L. Alla L. Dec 09, 2019 191 views

Can you describe a good experience you have had at work?

I am planning to become a pediatrician or just working in the medical field and I need some more information about this career. Like some personal stories would help:) #pediatrician...


Maddie L.’s Avatar
Maddie L. Maddie L. May 18, 2016 497 views

How many years of school does it take to become a doctor?

I am interested in pursuing a career in the medical field. #medicine...


jacklyn R.’s Avatar
jacklyn R. jacklyn R. Dec 13, 2019 194 views

What should i know about being a Combat Medic?

I'm a student at Job Corps still trying to figure out what i want as a career. I'm just asking so i have a clearer mind about my choices. #medicalfield...


Keshaun W.’s Avatar
Keshaun W. Keshaun W. Feb 21, 2020 274 views

what is the best way to start the journey to becoming a pediatric surgeon?

I am just out of high school and very interested in the medical field #doctor...

Madison P.’s Avatar
Madison P. Madison P. Nov 22, 2019 259 views

How do I begin networking to become a writer/editor for novels?

I am a young writer trying to figure out how to kick it off as a career. #writing #communication #author...


Xavier M.’s Avatar
Xavier M. Xavier M. Sep 01, 2020 188 views

What steps should I take to become a Head Chef?

I am a student in a culinary arts program at Job Corps. #job-market #high-school-jobs...


Benjamin S.’s Avatar
Benjamin S. Benjamin S. Jul 07, 2018 325 views

How does one gain the traction to begin medicinal research?

As an aspiring biochem/biophysics major who is looking to make pharmaceuticals in the future I was wondering how one would go about getting the resources and clearance to formulate and test new compounds. #medicine #health #research #healthcare #biochem #biophysics...


jeffrey K.’s Avatar
jeffrey K. jeffrey K. Aug 15, 2018 240 views

where do the student in the masters program for mathematics go to, like a typical classroom or meeting conference room for one on one teaching?

i noticed in the mathematics masters program at my University (UW), all the masters​ levels classes, there are only like 5 students​, sometimes 2 students. where do they go to have a lecture​s with the professor? do they just meet up with the proffsor ​at his office or in a regular big room...

#class #mathematics #classrooms #mathdepartment #math #professional

Alla L.’s Avatar
Alla L. Alla L. Dec 10, 2019 234 views

What bad experience have you had working as a pediatrician?

I want to know if this career is really the right one for me to choose or if it is to difficult for me. I am a junior and I am pretty sure I want to be a pediatrician because I would love to be able to work with kids. #pediatrician...


Haley M.’s Avatar
Haley M. Haley M. Oct 03, 2019 123 views
Jawanda G.’s Avatar
Jawanda G. Jawanda G. Oct 03, 2019 140 views

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