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Tarlac City, Central Luzon, Philippines

Within 40 mile radius
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Chin Jan 08 198 views

How to be confident on public speaking ?

How to be confident on public speaking?

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John Oct 08, 2022 355 views

Any tips/guides/advice in computer science and recommendation on research?

Hi! my name is John, and I'm looking for tips/guides in taking computer science and advice on creating research within compscie. - What is your past research in computer science about? - Suggestions on what should I do before taking computer science. - What kind of research should I focus on in...

danica’s Avatar
danica Jan 26, 2022 258 views

if I can't finish college as long as I'm in grade 12, it's ok to apply to us a flight attendant

I know I'm wrong but you also know that we are not perfect. #student

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danica Jan 19, 2022 196 views

how to become a flight attendant

i am not perfect but i know what is write or wrong. #aviation

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danica Jan 19, 2022 778 views

how to become a flight attendant

i am tall girl and not beautiful

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gab Aug 06, 2021 329 views

creative introduction for online classes

I'm girl and im 17 years old currently grade 11 student at saint vincent catholic school who live in bayambang , pangasinan. i love binge watching on movies especially kdrama. i also love eating , everybody loves eating and and cooking. i an army. not an army who fight or protect us. im army...

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Angel Apr 28, 2021 305 views

I just want to advance study about my course mechanical engineering.

Im angel 20 years old, im out of school youth for about 3 years, then i decide to enroll in TSU online. Now, i just want to learn a lot about my second choice course ( mechanical engineering). #motivation is my parents cause she really want me to be graduate, so she pushing me to study well.

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fatima Apr 13, 2021 175 views

how long can i be a cardiac surgeon

i want to be a cardiac surgeon how long it will take to become a cardiac surgeon #cardiac-surgeon

grazielyn’s Avatar
grazielyn Mar 24, 2021 455 views

i'm 16 years old, what job can i get in my age?

#first-job #job-search

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angeline Mar 16, 2021 311 views

why do you want this position?

iam an student and i need some answer because i will have an interview tomorrow and im grade 12 students #students

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Ina Feb 27, 2021 213 views

What course should I take in college?

Basically I am just a typical girl who wants to become a successful businesswoman in the future. However, I don’t want to deal with much number. Moreover , I want the idea of talking to many people but I have poor communication skills.#student

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gail Feb 19, 2021 1620 views

How to answer does question in job interview.


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Marifer Jan 10, 2021 526 views

Hi. I am from Philippines. How can I get scholarship?

#EngineeringStudent #college #scholarships

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Edmark Jan 09, 2021 596 views

How to be flight attendant

#flight-attendant #airline-industry #aviation-industry

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Coleen Jul 25, 2017 1370 views

Is being a girl somehow a factor for consideration when taking a degree in industrial engineering?

What Im trying to really know here is if it has any major or minor effects for a girl like other engineering tracks #futureie #girls-education #industrial-engineering #japan

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