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Washington, USA

Elias’s Avatar
Elias 11 hours ago 273 views

Would collage be needed in the computer tech industry ?

I decided I wanted to study computer technician over at this program I'm in and I was wondering afterwards if it's recommended to consider a collage for more studies on either software development or anything like that as I would like to be a programmer.

James’s Avatar
James 11 hours ago 155 views

What are the most effective strategies for finding a position in the IT field as either a Computer Programmer or Software Developer?

Currently attending Job Corps to receive my certifications for this field, I intend to eventually pursue further education in this field so that I can be more successful but for now I have my High School diploma.

Railey’s Avatar
Railey Jun 07 1108 views

What are the differences between the work of a materials engineer vs. a materials scientist?

I've been trying to decide which field I want to get into, and I want to figure out which one matches me most.

Adyson’s Avatar
Adyson Jun 04 530 views

what are some of the struggles you had to overcome being a registered nurse, and in nursing school?

are there any economic barriers you had to overcome?

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Jun 03 422 views

What should I expect working in STEM?

I just started Job Corps and need to know this answer for my career planning class.

samuel’s Avatar
samuel Jun 03 691 views

What made you decide this what you want to be doing for the rest of your life?

Why did you take up marketing and what step did you take to obtain your job/career?

Cindel’s Avatar
Cindel May 29 1016 views

Scholarship and Internship Opportunities pre-studies?

My goal is to get connections in the Accounting industry and gain experience and practical skills. Is there a place to connect with internships to learn workplace skills or scholarships specific to Accounting or Finance emphasized studies?

Emma’s Avatar
Emma May 23 435 views

Choosing the right major :(

I'm currently having a crisis about choosing a college major. I'm a 30-year-old female who moved to the United States 7 years ago, and English is my second language. I work full-time at a large hospital as a transporter, and prior to that, I worked as a patient care technician with a CNA...

Allison’s Avatar
Allison May 21 197 views

How am I supposed to juggle a part time job, college and hobbies without burning out?

I've wanted to be an EMT since 2019. However, when I researched more about it I found out that even before the pandemic, most EMS providers experienced burnout, depression, PTSD, and suicidal tendencies. Then, I began to wonder If I would still be able to enjoy the hobbies I enjoy like painting...

Abbigail’s Avatar
Abbigail May 15 223 views

What does your company look for, or value in a employer?

What can I gain from insights from this?

Bailey’s Avatar
Bailey May 14 304 views

Are there any related careers that you think I should look into?

I would love to know, thank you :)

Bailey’s Avatar
Bailey May 14 229 views

What are some skills I should be familiar with for getting my LPN/LVN?

Thank you!

Bailey’s Avatar
Bailey May 14 219 views

Hello, what do you find the most challenging and rewarding part of being an LPN/LVN?

I would really like to know :)

ja'reese’s Avatar
ja'reese May 14 486 views

what are the most needed tools on my way to becoming an artist?

I'd really like to know

Teera’s Avatar
Teera May 14 497 views

Can I continue education with M. Arch degree by BA in fine art?

"How BA art continue education with M. Arch."
I am an art student at UW and graduate in BA of art next year. I have a ton of passionate about architect. It is a good idea to apply M arch and please give me some advice my portfolio?

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