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Washington, USA

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Vianey Jun 01 70 views

What are some career options if I want to major in business and when can I start taking action to pursue it ?

I am a 9th grader going to sophomore year and I'm not sure what career I would pursue. I started getting interested in business and being a CEO of my own company but I have no idea of what I can do to start my own company. I also got interested in entrepreneurship because it seemed like it...

Sheena’s Avatar
Sheena May 31 36 views

Nurses: What is the environment like where you work?


Sheena’s Avatar
Sheena May 31 31 views

Nurses: What skills do you use the most?


Sheena’s Avatar
Sheena May 31 38 views

Nurses: What did you expect to get out of this experience before you started and what have you gotten out of it so far?


Paris’s Avatar
Paris May 31 41 views

What does a workday as a registered nurse generally look like?

I am currently trying to become an RN and I want to learn more about the job. Thank you!

Josie’s Avatar
Josie May 31 35 views

What is the most difficult part of being a x-ray technician ?

I am a senior curious about the radiology field. I hope you can answer some of my questions :)

Noor’s Avatar
Noor May 25 117 views

What was second choose as a job if the one you currently have didn’t work out ?

am doing a project and am trying to collect data

Srishti’s Avatar
Srishti May 20 55 views

What medical certifications can I get while in high school?

I'm a rising high school sophomore and have aspirations of going into the medical field. I was wondering about things to do over the summer and thought getting a few certifications in would be helpful. Which ones would you recommend?

laraine’s Avatar
laraine May 18 48 views

what should I do after Highschool?

I'm a sophomore and in NJROTC but I'm still not sure of what I should do or aim for after I graduate.

Rayanne’s Avatar
Rayanne May 15 63 views

How to go to college, travel and balance my money whilst being happy?

Hi, I am a junior in high school and I want to travel when I graduate but I also want to go to college while I travel and make money. How can I do these things and still keep my anxiety down?

Mira’s Avatar
Mira May 05 111 views

How do I actually get into top tier schools?

Hi! I am aiming for top tier schools. I am a current freshman, 4.0 GPA. I do student council and mock trial. This year I took one AP and advanced class, next year I will be taking 3-4 AP classes. I am interested in zoology, pediatrics, youth advocacy, law, and government. What can I be doing to...

Mira’s Avatar
Mira May 02 96 views

What job should I choose?

I am interested in zoology, law, working with kids, and politics. I am hoping to study a lot at top colleges, and make a decent amount of money :)

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Gurbani May 02 124 views

how can i start to invest in things and what to invest in?

I don't know where to invest but want to start to s i need a little help with that. and how does this work how do i get profit from this.

Annalise’s Avatar
Annalise May 01 78 views

How do you pick a college that best fits your needs?

I'm going to be a junior and it means starting to think about where I want to go and I don't know how to pick the best place for me

Rena’s Avatar
Rena Apr 07 116 views

What is it like to become a gene counselor and can you do research along the side?

After becoming a genetic counselor, do most get there Ph.D after?

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