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U.S. Military
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Military Specific Occupations
Honolulu, Hawaii
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Xinyue Jun 04, 2019 681 views

Career Preparenss


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Blake May 14, 2019 959 views

What are some good careers?


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oscar Jul 16, 2019 881 views

what do you like most about your career / about your career?

And what is your job duty's? / Job detail's ? #career-path

Jarrmy’s Avatar
Jarrmy May 22, 2020 645 views

I haven't seen any careers in the Electrician field that I was interested in...any suggestions?

#career #engineering #career-path

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Rachael Jan 23, 2020 1236 views

How can I start working toward a career, in the tech field, without a degree?

#tech #computer #programming #engineering #business #information-technology #singlemom #workingmom

Anyone have any advice that could be helpful to getting started?

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michael Mar 13, 2020 903 views

what is the best computer project

#college #computer-software

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Lihan May 14, 2020 1117 views

How to prepare your future?

Upcoming college senior majoring in Computer Science. Experienced with Software Engineering and Electrical Engineering. #computer #college #engineering #computer-software

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Jonathan May 08, 2019 645 views

what kind of art skills are required?

#art #artist

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Sarah May 16, 2016 1180 views

What's the easiest way to get connected with jobs after college?

I am going to college out of state from where I grew up and I want to return to my hometown state after college, how do I insure that job offers will be coming from my hometown? #college #college-jobs

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Paige May 13, 2016 1241 views

How much will having a job in college help with student loans?

I've been working hard on scholarships, but I did not receive any state or federal aid, and my parents are not paying for my education. I know that I will have a lot of debt, but I definitely plan to get a job on campus. How much will it help? Will on campus jobs pay as well as off campus jobs?...

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Zachary Jan 16, 2018 1213 views

How hard is it to maintain a part-time job while in college?

I'm always told that i'll have t work for college, but how hard really is it to keep up with school work and a job? #job #college

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Natalie Mar 21, 2019 729 views

what schools have classes for interior design?


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Taylor Apr 21, 2020 1008 views

What could I do to sharpen my design skills RIGHT NOW?

What could I do to keep busy and productive, and keep my interior design skills sharp? Are there ways to design without going out? (I know that with COVID-19 around I won't have as many options.)#career #design #interior-design #any

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Mohamdnasir Mar 04, 2019 439 views

what's the most importing thing about this job

2: did u go to college
3: how much money does this job pay in 1hour

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Carly Apr 15, 2020 609 views

What are good general classes I can take in college?

What are good classes that will allow me to learn about #education #criminal-justice #parks-and-recreation and #enviormenal-studies that will help me decide if I could do this career for the rest of my life?