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Maicha .’s Avatar
Maicha . May 23, 2012 1384 views


I am a highschool junior , what are some tasks that i can focus on to farther in my career as an accounter...


Carmen H.’s Avatar
Carmen H. Jun 20, 2016 1047 views

Without work experience, how can I polish up my resume?

I am Senior next coming Fall, but I realize that I do not have any work experience. I am trying to look for a job, but most of them require to submit a resume. Because my resume is too brief, and I always hesitate to submit one to the employer. finance accounting...


Abdulwahab A.’s Avatar
Abdulwahab A. Jan 28, 2017 1163 views

Is multi-tasking a skill that is required for this job?

I am interested in working in the major of Finance. Is multi-tasking a part of it? business finance accounting personal-development...


Meliah M.’s Avatar
Meliah M. Sep 27, 2017 747 views

What is the daily life of an accountant?

I am asking this question because I am interested in being one and I just want to know what do you do in accounting....


Tarah H.’s Avatar
Tarah H. Jan 20, 2018 1153 views

If you could go back in time and give yourself any time management tips, what would they be?

I have not done a great job managing my time, but I am working to get better at it as I finish up high school career. I know that I will have a lot more free time in college, and I do not want to spend it all binge watching Netflix....


Maritza V.’s Avatar
Maritza V. Aug 06, 2018 469 views

How does one find a job and a place to live after graduating college?

I am still unsure how one finds a job and a place to live after college. Where do I obtain these types of connections that will help me in either situations? first-job college-jobs job-search...


Isaac G.’s Avatar
Isaac G. Aug 29, 2018 354 views

How do I maintain focus when reading?

When I am trying to read a chapter my mind often drifts off, thinking about random things. Before I know it 30 minutes flew by and I have no idea what I just "read." studying...


Orlando S.’s Avatar
Orlando S. Mar 03, 2020 2849 views
Mia B.’s Avatar
Mia B. Apr 14, 2020 389 views

What size college is "too big?"

I am used to having teachers readily available in high school, and I find classes with 30+ students to be frustrating. However, I hate how I know everyone in high school and I hate how everyone feels "stuck" with each other (there are a little under 1,000 students total in my school). On the...

collgecampus college social student

Brooklynn H.’s Avatar
Brooklynn H. Jun 03, 2020 184 views

Which has a better salary Mechanics , Technologist, or a Vet?

I love animals but also I love to fix cars and machines...


Prince S.’s Avatar
Prince S. Jun 06, 2020 445 views

I am 16 bout to be 17 what job can I do that age

I like to sing cleaning up and just being myself...