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Bill Brown

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Transportation and Material Moving Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
Dobbs Ferry, New York
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Vanisha Aug 21, 2020 495 views

What interested you into choosing that profession?

#profession #interests

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laurel Sep 01, 2017 1555 views

Is is best to follow passion or logic?

I know people always say to do a job that you love, but wouldn't it be wise to take the job that makes more money so that you can do what you love on the side? When considering what to choose for my major, I keep struggling with what I want to do, and what would help me more financially....

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Meagan Oct 28, 2016 766 views

What kind of math classes will I be taking for an architecture degree

I am thinking about this major and want to get a head start #architecture

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Nov 19, 2018 836 views

What are the hardships of a women becoming an architect?

I’m a sophomore looking at possible career choices, but I want to know all the possible hardships I could face and what might happen if I were to join architecture.

#architecture #architect #interviews #career

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Kristina Apr 03, 2018 624 views

Which college has a good architecture/ interior design program?

I live in Washington and I know my options here in my area, but I'm really interested in branching out and going out of state for college but I'm not sure on where to go. #architecture #college

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Emily Mar 16, 2020 1044 views

Does this recession mean I might not be able to get a job when I graduate?

I am currently an architecture student with a planned graduation in 2022, what does the #COVID19 recession mean for the job market in regards to architecture? I was intending to practice for a few years before going to grad school, but does this mean I should start considering/planning to go to...

Leah’s Avatar
Leah Apr 03, 2020 527 views

Would you recommend to others to take this path?

#architect #architecture #career

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Apr 26, 2020 3458 views

Whats the difference between a 5 year architecture program and the 4+2 one?

I'm looking into architecture schools I want to apply to, but I'm stuck on what "program" I should take. Which one is a better choice, in terms of tuition, experience, and benefits later on in my career?

thanks :))
#arch #architecture #architect #university

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Nathan Apr 28, 2020 872 views

How many years of college does an architect require?

I’m 14 years old, live in Massachusetts, I like to experiment with things and build, I like graphic design and art, I play 3 sports, my father is a contractor/ carpenter, and I like a little challenge. #architecture

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Jun 19, 2020 700 views

what are the differences between landscape architecture and just architecture?

I'm stuck on deciding which major I should choose next year for uni, what are the main differences between the two majors? which open to more opportunities? and which is overall the better major?

thank you in advance.

#architecture #architect #college-major #major

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jul 12, 2018 946 views

What education is needed to become an architect?

Things you can consider for this specific question... What is the highest degree needed to become an architect? Are there multiple paths to becoming an architect? Is there any other experience/certification required? I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that...

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Kassy Feb 14, 2020 897 views

What do you like most about your work construction ?

#construction-management #construction

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Keyla Feb 14, 2020 768 views

What skills, abilities and personal attributes are essential to success in your Job/this construction??

#construction #career #job

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Gabrielle Jan 30, 2020 744 views

How much of your job in community development involves research?

Do you feel that you need to really study the community you are working with in order to benefit them most? Do you find that reaching out to community members helps to understand the needs of the whole community most adequately, or do you research programs similar to ones you may be considering...

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Will Nov 28, 2018 587 views

What is the material used in mixing cement?

I am a job corps student and i am really interested in being a cement worker now i would like to know what is the material made in using cement?