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Judi McEachin

Product Management
Management Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Midlothian, Virginia
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Andres’s Avatar
Andres Nov 08, 2021 1145 views

What should you major in if you are interested in video editing and graphic design.

#graphic-designer #graphic-design #video-editing #editing

Jayelyn’s Avatar
Jayelyn Nov 08, 2021 397 views

What if you can’t decide between 2 majors should you do both ?


Adam’s Avatar
Adam Nov 08, 2021 396 views

How high is the demand for Graphic Designers?

What is they pay and is this job wanted in our times #graphic-design

Nigel’s Avatar
Nigel Oct 29, 2021 337 views

Hi l'm looking for a career path in computer science which could be the best way to follow in this Morden era.


Tamirah’s Avatar
Tamirah Aug 05, 2021 399 views

What is your career goal

I don’t really have one . But I want to work with kids fs. #career

Isabelle’s Avatar
Isabelle Oct 05, 2021 606 views

What careers are best for people interested in the fashion and business industry?

#business #fashion #career

Lauryn’s Avatar
Lauryn Oct 13, 2021 594 views

Is it okay to graduate and still be undecided on your career choice?

I am in 11th grade and really want to do something medical but I don't want to wait to late to determine my career path. #career #medicine #undecided #college #career-choice

Brody’s Avatar
Brody Oct 13, 2021 344 views

What are some things that I should mainly focus on when looking for my career?

I want o be a marine or secret service #career

ashley’s Avatar
ashley Oct 07, 2021 588 views

How difficult is it to find work as an industrial designer?

#industrial-designer #designer #career #job # #design

sohaya’s Avatar
sohaya Oct 11, 2021 548 views

How to get a job as a new graduate without any experience

Hi, my name is sohaya, I just graduated college with a degree in human-centred Design from India, I just moved to the US and am trying to look for a job as a design researcher, with no experience working in the US. What should my initial steps be? #career #design...

shelby’s Avatar
shelby Oct 11, 2021 530 views

I want to find out how to make my own business

I'm a sophomore in high school. I want to create and online business for local people around me. I want the business to reflect positivity in my community. #business-management #entrepreneur #business-development

Kari’s Avatar
Kari Oct 27, 2020 731 views

On your team, how do your colleagues show initiative in the virtual workplace?

#technology #business-management #virtual

mckenzie’s Avatar
mckenzie Nov 08, 2020 402 views

How can I get into a good college?

I’m a senior at miyamura high school. I want to know what’s the number one thing i have to do to get in a good college besides good grades. #high-school

shana’s Avatar
shana Nov 07, 2020 616 views

How do you come up with new products to sell?

When I get older, I want to start a makeup business. I always see celebrity's coming up with new makeup products in about a month and it makes me wonder that it is really easy to make new shades. Then the design for product, what also comes in mind when your designing your product? #business...

g’s Avatar
g Oct 21, 2020 802 views

Is a business management class worth it?

Im in eighth grade and I want to be a copywriter (in advertising). Right now applications for high school are open. My local high school offers some good programs and has a lot of departments for kids wanting to pursue a career in business, technology and media arts. I wanted to know if a...