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nasreen Jan 24, 2021 1137 views

Interview questions

Get job early #interviews #jobs #interview-preparation

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Frank Jan 25, 2021 300 views

Who are the right people to know in the businesses industry

Im a very hard woring guy looking to share my ideas with the world and put my name on the map #business-development #career-counseling #travel #ceo

Whitney’s Avatar
Whitney Jan 24, 2021 276 views

What should students look for when applying to college?


Ken’s Avatar
Ken Jan 25, 2021 244 views

What school subjects do you need to take to become a firefighter?


Laney’s Avatar
Laney Jan 25, 2021 296 views

What jobs could I get with getting a degree in hospitality?

I am looking to go to college to major in hospitality. #college-major

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dylan Jan 25, 2021 269 views

what are good careers straight out of high school.

im a student asking questions for genuine answers for my class#Careers #high-school-students

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Marissa Jan 26, 2021 418 views

How many students are in a college dorm during the first year?


Cloe’s Avatar
Cloe Jan 26, 2021 385 views

What does a normal schedule look like for you?

I’m doing community service for my high school. I would like to ask some questions and get some responses. #schedule #life

Shan’s Avatar
Shan Jan 27, 2021 414 views

Any College Advice?

What is some college advice that every incoming freshman should know, in regards to classes, career choices, volunteering, internships, roommates, etc. #college #collegeadvice

Jose Miguel’s Avatar
Jose Miguel Jan 27, 2021 541 views

What job can I be able to work with as a student?

I want to take any job that I can possibly do with my skills and willing to learn and adopt new skills from the other people. #student #job-search #technology

malebo’s Avatar
malebo Jan 27, 2021 354 views

i just finished high school and i have no idea what do??

I love books that talk about motivation
I love music
I love writing
I like reality tv
I'm very interested in coding, high tech, and also very interested in machine learning, #food data structures, and software engineering #food

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Jan 27, 2021 374 views

what career path would suit me

i reallly like to teach people things but i also like to help animals and people but i can't choose a career path. #career-paths #career-path #career-paths

sarah’s Avatar
sarah Jan 27, 2021 368 views

I want to go into an international studies major what's a good minor to pair with that?

I want to help out in the humaitarian feild as much as possible. I love travel and hope to be able to do that all my life. I know only a little French but don't know if I want to minor in a language. I will be doing a business module with the IS major. I love writing which makes me consider...

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota Jan 15, 2021 929 views

What does it mean to have a career in entertainment and tourism?

I am needing an answer ASAP. #careers