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Md Apr 28 165 views

How should i choose my college?

I am a good student,I can study hard

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Olamide Apr 28 173 views

How can I grow my knowledge in business administration?

How can I grow my knowledge in business administration?

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Litzy Apr 27 234 views

How can I choose a career I want?

I am having trouble choosing a career. I like fashion and solving things.

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susan Apr 06 276 views

what is the best career choice?

carer tips

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Shaw Apr 06 274 views

As a College student, how can i be nice to Strangers?

i want to start being nice

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Janeisi Aug 15, 2023 261 views

What should I look for ?

What should I look for when picking the best career for me ?

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Maya Aug 18, 2023 489 views

What are things you can do in high-school that stands out to colleges?

I’m a incoming student at Grosse Pointe South in Grosse Pointe Michigan. School is very important to me so the question that often comings to mind when I think about going to higher is, “ Am I making the right choices for classes and extra curricular activities?”. I definitely need help coming...

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Sam Aug 19, 2023 799 views

How do I know which career is right for me?

How do I know which career is right for me?
I’ve always been torn between choosing a job that i’m a good at, a job i’d enjoy or a job that makes good money.

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P Aug 20, 2023 393 views

How to choose the right career in college ?

I have no idea what I want to major in college.

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Bella Aug 20, 2023 1224 views

How can I start looking for a job after college?

I am going to college soon and have not yet decided where or what for. But my main concern is how difficult it will be to find a career after graduating

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Chloe Aug 20, 2023 682 views

What should I be doing to prepare for college as a sophomore in high school?

I’m a sophomore and I want to get into UCLA, I want to know what path I should be on in order to achieve my goal

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shae Aug 20, 2023 384 views

how to be a better me?

how to be a better me?

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Danny Mar 18, 2021 381 views

I have a couple questions for someone in the Operational Management field.

Describe the main responsibilities of your position. How did you decide to get into this field? Tell me about the training and education that you’ve had? Has this helped you in this field, if not, what has? What skills and personal qualities are important for success in your field? What...

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Jake Oct 29, 2016 807 views

How will Engineers overcome the struggles with Autonomous vehichles?

I know that the real issue with autonomous cars and such is making the snap decisions, but what are engineers doing to overcome this? I had the idea of using an AI to be able to drive the car rather than a simple program. Is this a reality? #engineering #cars #autonomous-cars #self-driving-cars

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Mangcitshane Apr 18, 2021 353 views

Is #Bachelor of Social Science Degree Useful when you majoring with Economic, Industrial Psychology and Management?? Can I get job after degree

I am first year #student who want to be in Business field once graduated