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Ashley Oct 17 133 views

What is the best and earliest age I should get a job while still in High school?

I just turned 16 , and I have been looking into what would be important for my future. I realize that it might be difficult to have a job as a sophomore in high school while juggling schoolwork. I'm not entirely sure that this would be the best option.

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Grace May 22 278 views

How is the work-life balance for professionals working in the field of computer science or software and is it worth it to pursue a career in these fields?

I am in 12th grade and I'm interested in mathematics and science overall. I want to pursue a career in computer science and explore technology and someday do research and invent and discover things that will be useful for the development of society and help save nature.

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David Apr 18 169 views

What is some software I should become familiar with if I want to become an IT?

I am working on becoming an IT, but I do not know what type of software I should learn in order to do well in that field.

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Ben Jan 23 409 views

How much does a software engineer make a year?

I should want suggestions from someone that is a software engineer and does work in California. The Software Engineer i wanted to be might be developing games and apps for people.

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Adam May 02, 2022 395 views

I heard it can be difficult to find a job in coding because different job qualifications are so specific that they need someone either with experience or very capable of learning and adapting is this true

a family friend who has a job in coding drones had told me it was very difficult for him to find a job out of college because the different jobs had such specific requirements in qualifications that he had to find a job that would accept him and offer job training is this true for most jobs in...

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Xoliswa Jan 01, 2022 354 views

Hii I'm going to do grade 12 this year ,I still don't know what career I want to do ,I'm doing history .please help me

I'm 16 year old girl ..I'm that kind of person that doesn't like to talk too much ,but I can have little chat with people

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Liana Sep 05, 2016 2204 views

What is the Blue Ocean Strategy in business and how does it differ from other strategies used by companies? What does it mean to create "uncontested market space by creating blue oceans?"

W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne came up with the Blue Ocean Strategy. #business #marketing #strategy #public-relations #qualitative-research