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Darin Aug 06, 2018 597 views

What does studying abroad offer that studying on campus doesn't?

any important information you know on this topic in general?
#studyabroad #overseas #study

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Billy Sep 28, 2021 302 views

What is a best way to get help from teacher or students?

For A Example, having anxiety or being nervous doesn’t make you a loser and plus if your getting picked on don’t care about it just ignore it and think smarter. Plus, new people will get used to it in the school and in the future they won’t be scared or have anxiety anymore, but when you ask...

Jalen’s Avatar
Jalen Nov 30, 2021 307 views

How do I stay focused on completing work in a short amount of time?

I tend to lose focus on work that take a lot of steps to complete or find evidence for. I can be easily distracted and I type and write slower than average. Is there any way for me to help finish quickly while getting a good grade on my work? #help

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Katie Nov 02, 2021 559 views

What job allows you to travel around the world?

#career #travel #career-counseling

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Suzy May 22, 2018 660 views

Will I still feel part of my University if I am an international student?

I will be attending Graduate School in either Ireland or the UK this fall, as an international student I am nervous about not feeling part of my University as much as I did when I attended an Undergraduate course in the US. Will my status as an international student make it harder to feel...

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Katie Nov 03, 2021 253 views

How has studying abroad worked for you and should I have a chance to do it?

#study-abroad #career-counseling #college #travel

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Naaima Jul 15, 2021 364 views

How should I get involved during the summer?

I am in 9th grade and want to get into a college like UCLA majoring in psychology. I wanted to do something specific to my interests of psychology this summer but I am lost. I have asked my sister and other family to help but they clearly did not do much. What should I do this summer that you...

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Sep 27, 2021 224 views

What opportunities are available for high-schoolers in the business field?

Hi, my name is Brandon Cheung and I am currently attending high-school. I am curious about how to gain as much experience while I can during this time, and curious about how and where to do so. #highschool

Kolbi’s Avatar
Kolbi Oct 20, 2016 1050 views

How can I pursue a career and continue to further develop my skills in hobbies that I am passionate about.

I want to become a veterinarian, but I heard that being in that particular field can be kind of time consuming. I just wanted to know how careers affect ones personal life. #career #time-management #hobbies #personal-development #career-details

Iman’s Avatar
Iman Mar 02, 2016 866 views

What is the best path to take after college ie, take a break, continue to go to school, get a job? I am wondering because I don't want to go to college if I don't use all of my skills I learned in college.

I am wondering because I don't want to go to college if I don't use all of my skills. I want to be able to have time to myself, yet be productive. #hobbies

Aukai’s Avatar
Aukai Jul 22, 2016 1333 views

As I begin to explore possible subjects in higher education, what major would best teach me the skills most useful in landing and excelling at a consulting job at a respected firm?

I am currently taking a business management course at Oxford and we have been talking about consulting. We have practised consulting with case studies, but not really discussed what it takes to become one professionally. #business #business-development #consulting #management-consulting...

bryce’s Avatar
bryce Dec 02, 2021 264 views

what are some college tips for highschoolers?

what advice could you give to people who are still in high #college #help school about their college future