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Cole Feb 01 73 views

What would be the optimal path to become an Optometrist?

I am thinking about becoming an Optometrist, or O.D., and while I have researched it a fair bunch, I do not know all the skills I would need, where to go, and how to do it overall

Aleksandra’s Avatar
Aleksandra Dec 09, 2022 71 views

Why did you choose to go to optometry school?

I am currently a pre-optometry student, and was wondering what motivated optometrists to choose the field!

Malaak’s Avatar
Malaak Nov 09, 2022 163 views

How did you come to terms with/and find yourself WANTING to be in the medical field, despite the expectations of immigrant parents?

If you're a first-gen and you have immigrant parents who wanted you to become a doctor, how did you come to terms with/and find yourself wanting to be in the medical field, rather than just going into it because your parents told you?

Erhiga’s Avatar
Erhiga Oct 28, 2022 371 views

What is a typical day as a clinical research coordinator at a university?

What is a typical day as a clinical research coordinator at a university? Do you love your job? Why?

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Linh Oct 31, 2022 313 views

Healthcare jobs with work life balance?

What are some healthcare jobs with good personal and work life balance?

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Anna Jun 27, 2022 211 views

How should I ask for a shadowing opportunity?

So far, I've been making calls to a few optometry centers to ask for a shadowing opportunity. One of the receptionists told me to show up in person. I gave him my resume without directly speaking to their optometrist, who doesn't work on that day. Would it be better to speak with their...

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Anna May 26, 2022 378 views

What do I need to do to become an optometrist?

I am a rising sophomore biology major in college and I am great with memorization. However, I struggled with time management and understanding key concepts.

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Anna Jun 21, 2022 175 views

Should I spend the whole summer job shadowing for an optometrist center?

I was wondering if it's possible to shadow a doctor twice a week for the whole summer. Do most job shadowing only last for a week? How long can I shadow a doctor for?

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Jox Nov 02, 2020 291 views

A Question for Optometrists

What type of minor surgeries do optometrist do in some states. #medical #health #healthcare #pre-med