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Work in a hospital laboratory, teach at a college
Educational Instruction and Library Occupations - Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Saint Cloud, Minnesota
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Elizabeth Apr 13 274 views

What are good first jobs for high schoolers?

Part time jobs during the summer with a somewhat flexible schedule.

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Steven Apr 12 298 views

Could I be a health lab technician without attending a college, Can I do an Apprenticeship to still be successful in my career ?

Could I be a health lab technician without attending a college, Can I do an Apprenticeship to still be successful in my career ?

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Mar 22 196 views

During a day as a Phlebotomist would you say your busy busy all day long or it's kind of slow here and there?

High school student looking for advice on future career.

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Chyanna Nov 22, 2023 609 views

What's the best school for nursing?

I would like good schools in MN but I also don't mind if it's anywhere else.

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Adrienne Jun 23, 2023 403 views

What is the best or easiest route to becoming a medical scientist?

9th grade, took honors bio and chem, eventually biology major

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Daniela Jun 12, 2023 282 views

I want to go into the medical field but I’ve heard that getting burnt out because the path to becoming a doctor is really common, any tips on how to stay on top of everything I have to do? Also where do you go after your 4 year university when trying to get a PHD? (What’s the difference between MD and PHD?) Where do you go when you want to do your residency (is it something you register online for or do as part of wherever you go after the 4 year?)

I am currently 16 years old (I’m turning 17 this year) living in California and I’m going into my junior year of high school. J know choosing to go into such a rigorous field as the medical field won’t be easy but I trust in my decent academic performance in school so far and love for helping...

Lucion’s Avatar
Lucion Apr 24, 2023 1804 views

What are the requirements for becoming a medical technician?

I'm looking at all of the options I could pursue and being a med-tech seems interesting. Though I want to know the requirements for being one!

Divi’s Avatar
Divi Apr 24, 2023 610 views

How can I be a successful medical laboratory scientist?

I'm a junior in high school who wants to pursue a career in medical lab sciences. Maybe in diagnostics or research? My favorite classes so far were AP Psychology, Biology, Anatomy, and Chemistry.

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daneielle Apr 10, 2023 566 views

Careers similar to pathology, immmunology, microbiology, etc. without a PhD?

I am interested in things like immunology, medicine, etc. however not willing to go to medical school, but want to make a decent salary. Looking for possible career paths. I am a senior in college graduating with a Biology degree, however haven't had any luck with lab internships to gain exposure

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Feb 12, 2023 785 views

What job would you reccommend for lab work and research other than chemistry and microbiology?

For example, working with cells, tissue, etc. As well as working with microscopes, possible genetic engineering, bacteria.

Marie’s Avatar
Marie Feb 03, 2023 789 views

What is an average day like for Med Techs?

I'm looking into different career paths and I wanted to know what the average day looks like for a medical technician/technologist. What kind of specimen/reagents do you work with? How can I get started down this path?

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Jan 10, 2023 4079 views

What do I need to do in order to qualify for an MLT certification?

I am nearing the end of my M.S. program in Biology and I do not have an MLT certification that a lot of CLIA laboratory jobs require. Only a few colleges provide an MLT program and I can't afford a $5k program right now. The other option is to spend three years in a clinical lab but no lab has...

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kendra Dec 09, 2022 622 views

Did you know what you wanted to be from the start or did it alter throughout the years?

Why do you like what you do?

Xochitl’s Avatar
Xochitl Dec 10, 2022 378 views

What classes would you recommend to take?

As a freshman i want to know what classes i should take in high school/college if i want to become a veterinarian

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Girly Dec 08, 2022 508 views

What to choose in the medical field ?

How do you know which specialized sector you should choose in the plethora of medical careers?