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Mary’s Avatar
Mary Oct 03, 2017 1022 views

How can I get a dental license here in the USA and how fast can it happen?

Hello my name is Mary I am a dentist but overseas . If I gonna apply to dental hiagiene program they gonna put my certificate as a dentist in consideration and I can get the license fast
Appreciate your help #dental-hygienist #dentistry

destani’s Avatar
destani Sep 01, 2017 1056 views

Is it advisable to minor in business if my aspiration is to be a dentist with my own private practice?

I know that I want to go to dental school and become a dentist or maxillofacial surgeon but, my dilemma recently has been what I should minor in or if I should even pursue a minor at all. I am a Biology major currently and I thought it might be beneficial to have some knowledge of how business...

Hung’s Avatar
Hung Sep 01, 2017 789 views

How do I decide on my college major?

I can't set my mind on a college major, I'm trying to decide between engineer and dentistry, but my options are too broad. I'm just filled with uncertainties.

charles’s Avatar
charles Apr 19, 2017 1056 views

If you hold a DMD can you become a dental hygienist?

Im a senior in high school and was interested in the dental field. Im aware to become a general dentist it takes about 8 years minimum as to become a dental hygienist it takes 2 years minimum. I had planned on getting my DMD degree at a university in Nevada, US in a matter of 4 years. Is it...

Kiara’s Avatar
Kiara Mar 26, 2017 1800 views

For a aspiring Orthodontist/Dentist what course would be reasonable to take, AP Stat or Pre-Calcu?

Today we were given our course registration for next year, which will be my senior year in high school. I'm currently in Algebra II and have the option of taking either AP Statistics or Pre-Calculus H next year. What would you recommend for an aspiring Orthodontist or Dentist? I know that...

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Dec 17, 2016 1009 views

I do not know what I want to pursue in college. I know I want to help people, what careers can I go in?

I'm a 17 year old senior, currently I am thinking of becoming a dentist but before that I wanted to pursue pharmaceuticals. I've been hopping around from career the career, but as I am applying to colleges I need to make up my mind. Please help me. #business #medicine #nursing...

Rayven’s Avatar
Rayven Oct 30, 2016 824 views

Can I go into pre med if I'm unsure what occupation I want to pursue?

I need help. #medicine #biology #dentistry #orthodontist #undecided

Rayven’s Avatar
Rayven Oct 30, 2016 1065 views

Should I major in biology if I'm going into pre-dentistry?

Filling out college apps I've been putting biology or pre-med but im unsure. #biology #pre-med #dentistry

kacey’s Avatar
kacey Oct 23, 2016 2942 views

To become a Dentist, would a major in biochemistry be the best fit?

I'm an incoming college freshman in 2017 and was wondering what major would work best for my field of study. #dentistry #dentist #dental-hygienist #dental #dental-hygiene #dental-practice #dental-assistant

Alec’s Avatar
Alec May 29, 2016 843 views

What is a good major to choose when thinking about applying to professional schools, such as medical and dental?

I want to apply to either medical school or dental school and I was curious about which major I should choose. I know biology and chemistry are the two main fields but is there a benefit from choosing a specific one? #college #medicine #professional #degree #dentistry

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel May 23, 2016 8693 views

Do you reccommend attending a community college then tranfering to a university to get your specific dental training? or start off at that university?

My financial situation isn't the best, so anyway I can save money I will do. Also, if I'm getting the same education at a community college, then why can't I go there instead? #dental #family-dentistry #dental-hygiene

diana’s Avatar
diana May 21, 2016 812 views

On the path to dental school, is it recommendable to acquire a B.A in a major not in the science fields? or is it better to keep a one track mind to prepare for the DAT test?

I am very interested in being an orthodontist one day. Coming from a small town in Mexico were dental care is not available to everyone, my goal is to share my knowledge with such towns. was hoping to get a B.A in Latin American Studies to be better prepared to travel south america providing...

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer May 18, 2016 985 views

A question for dentists: would you recommend working in an administrative position in a dental office before starting your own practice?

Hello! My name is Jennifer, and I am a pre-dental student at Virginia Commonwealth University. I was wondering if any dentists would advise pre-dental students to seek administrative positions in dental offices to learn more about the "business" side of running a practice. My general dentist...

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer May 18, 2016 2242 views

Another question for dentists: would you say that it is an absolute MUST for one to be an extrovert in order to be a dentist?

Hello! My name is Jennifer, and I am a pre-dental student at Virginia Commonwealth University. I was wondering if any dentists out there would say that it is an absolute MUST for one to be an extrovert in order to be a dentist. A little bit about myself... For the majority of my life, I have...

alexis’s Avatar
alexis May 13, 2016 1272 views

What courses or classes should I take in college and high school if I am interested in the field of dentistry?

I have wanted to become a dentist form the young age of 2 and now I am old enough to gear my life towards that goal. However, I am not completely sure which classes are the best to take. I know math and science courses in general but I need specifics. #college #college-major #dentistry #dental