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Howard Pierceall CEC, CCE

Chef, Chef Instructor, Business owner
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations
Sun City, Arizona
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Angel’s Avatar
Angel Oct 14, 2023 331 views

What's the best way to start your own bakery?

I wish to open my own bakery bit I'm not sure where to start

Kenley’s Avatar
Kenley Jan 05 393 views

How to get better at baking and what new recipes to try? I am thinking of owning my own bakery when I’m older!

any favorite recipes? I would love to try them!

Tanya’s Avatar
Tanya Jan 12 438 views

How much education required for pastry chef ?

Question writing tips

Romy’s Avatar
Romy Dec 08, 2023 381 views

Would it be wise to drop out as a sophomore to go ahead and get my GED and start a job?

I'm a sophomore in highschool and I am really tired of how I am treated by teachers lately. Should I drop and and get my GED instead? I really want to get a job soon.

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Aug 29, 2023 610 views

What are basic things you should know before starting Culinary school

I have interest in becoming a chef when I am older and eventually own a restaurant. I am not really sure what to expect from culinary school. Do we start with basics or is it already assumed we know the basics.

Misael’s Avatar
Misael Oct 03, 2023 210 views

What are the good and bad side as a chef in the US?

Hello, My name is Misael, I’m a 7th grader, in middle school. I been considering being a chef as my career path in my future. I been wondering what is upside, and a downside as a chef. Also, another question I would like to know is, what is a average salary as a chef/cook. If there is any...

Laney’s Avatar
Laney Oct 07, 2023 237 views

why do we need to prepare to work at a young age?

Why do i need to prepare at a younge age

LaJuan’s Avatar
LaJuan Oct 10, 2023 449 views

How do herbs and other plants make the food taste and smell better?

I'm a young cook trying to learn and get a better understanding of herbs and spices

Ashten’s Avatar
Ashten Oct 03, 2023 311 views

How do chefs remember what ingredients and amounts of ingredients when they make food for customers?

I am a student at Waimea high school, for my career path, I want to be a chef
Do chefs have a book or papers saying how to cook different dishes or do they have to remember all of it by mind

Ashten’s Avatar
Ashten Oct 03, 2023 289 views

What types of work eviornments do chefs work in ?

For example do chefs only work in restaurants or could they also work in food trucks?
I'm a student that goes to Waimea high school and i want to choose culinary as my career path.

Jaylyn’s Avatar
Jaylyn Oct 10, 2023 326 views

How does Being a Chef work?

Is being a chef something that you will get tried of doing it or something that you get mad at doing. Is being a chef hard to do.

kiara’s Avatar
kiara Jul 25, 2023 268 views

What are most qualifications that someone needs for becoming a pastry chef?

What are the best things that someone can have on their resume in order to get a job? Sound confident in how you are asking the question so you can get clear answers about the question.

Naomi’s Avatar
Naomi Jul 31, 2023 360 views

Why do chefs be under so much pressure and how do you deal with it??

Hello my name is Naomi,

When do you feel like you're done with that trade?

Arum’s Avatar
Arum Aug 06, 2023 325 views

How do I know if I should commit to a career?

I want to be a chef, and maybe open my own restaurant but how do I know if it's right for me? I don't want to be miserable.

Kendall’s Avatar
Kendall Aug 17, 2023 361 views

What seperates a sous chef from a executive chef?

whats the difference in their responsibilities.