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Leo Aug 23 292 views

How, can I make more money efficiently and effectively?

I want to learn new ways of making money, and be able to make money efficiently and be successful in life.

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Aug 15 126 views

How can I be successful in high school?

I want to be able to get I into a good collage and be successful in life

xcaret’s Avatar
xcaret Jun 30 196 views

How did you find the right pathway and being 100% sure?

I am struggling to find my true passion as i have a lot of different aspirations and passions but i simply cant choose. There are so many jobs in the world and i wanna be able to discover the best option for myself but I'm unsure how to find it, any suggestions on choosing the right career...

Kaia’s Avatar
Kaia Jun 12 124 views

What are some ways to figure out what to be in the future?

I have taken many different quizzes through both school and just on my own but none of them have helped. I've also come up with different career paths for myself but each one is very different from the other with one of the only commonalities with each one being that I want to do it slightly...

Amirah’s Avatar
Amirah Jun 09 177 views

What media or sources can help me better my communication, comprehensive skills , and targeting audiences ?

I have many business ideas I want to profit from but I don’t know how to get advertising out .

Lethukuthula’s Avatar
Lethukuthula Jun 08 142 views

what are recommended guidelines to follow for professional-development??

The transition from being a student to being a professional is a bit challenging.
As we are facing a huge problem with how to use college fundamentals in solving real-world problems.
That two-month training taught me a lot, and I will need to have answers prepared for my next position.

Wasim’s Avatar
Wasim Jun 07 131 views

How can I switch my career?

"Hello! I'm a 24-year-old soon-to-be graduate from Law College, and I'm considering a career transition into the tech industry, specifically as a Data Analyst or Cloud Data Engineer. I currently reside in a tier 2 city and have been contemplating a move to tech-centric cities like Bangalore,...

Sanaa’s Avatar
Sanaa Jun 06 150 views

How do I find the career that I want to have in my future?

Look for that I love to do the most
Be consistent
Be patient
Have fun

Ayla’s Avatar
Ayla Jun 05 309 views

How do I find my first job?

Where to apply, how to apply, advice on finding internships that fit my career goal.

Grace’s Avatar
Grace May 22 284 views

How is the work-life balance for professionals working in the field of computer science or software and is it worth it to pursue a career in these fields?

I am in 12th grade and I'm interested in mathematics and science overall. I want to pursue a career in computer science and explore technology and someday do research and invent and discover things that will be useful for the development of society and help save nature.

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher May 25 277 views

How long does it usually take for bugs of a software to be fixed?

For example, video games have tons of bugs at times and it may vary because of the bug. But, what it is the usual estimated time for something to be fixed?