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audrey’s Avatar
audrey Jun 10 147 views

will interior design be good for me?

how do i know if the job i have in mind for my future will be actually good for me or if i will actually even like it

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Jun 16 198 views

What are some career choices for someone who is interested in computer science, design, architecture, and game development?

I'm worried I have too many interests and I don't know how to choose my major because I also want to make a lot of money and own my own business but I'm not sure.


Claire’s Avatar
Claire Jun 18 176 views

Is most of the job from behind a computer screen?

I'm in 12th grade this year and I am considering going into architecture because it involves designing and I am interested in architecture because I love seeing big or beautiful old buildings.

Nisrine’s Avatar
Nisrine Jun 03 215 views

What are the Top 10 book recommendations when it comes to Finance ?

Everything that concerns Finance and Entrepreneurship

Christian’s Avatar
Christian May 30 109 views

What are some attributes that construction workers need to possess to thrive?

Characteristics, abilities, skills

saskia’s Avatar
saskia Jun 03 233 views

what do I need to do to be better at art?

somethings I need to do is keep practicing and just work hard.

kamryn’s Avatar
kamryn May 31 174 views

what is the first step after graduating college as an interior designer to starting your career?

interior designers