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I want to a Pediatrician!


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Veronica Apr 17 226 views

How can I start a passion project of the medical field I want to peruse?

I am a freshman and I want to start creating a passion project, but i don't know how? I have an idea: Crafting Health Toolkit Initiative Project Concept: Develop a comprehensive toolkit that includes physical items made through crochet and arts & crafts, and digital resources for children's...

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Veronica Apr 07 180 views

Is the IB Diploma worth it? Any benefits?

After surfing the internet, I've heard mixed opinions about the IB diploma and its worth. I was wondering if It is worth going into IB and if it has any benefits.

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Veronica Mar 16 557 views

How can I promote my Blog/Website?

I'm creating a blog/website that spreads awareness to Mental health and provides the resources needed to contact anyone if you need help. I haven't finished it yet, but I've been pretty worried that no one will be able to see it and my work will go to waste. I've been wondering, how can I...

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Veronica Feb 20 633 views

Anything I can do over the summer that can improve my knowledge in the medical department?

I'm an organized person, and I've already planned a lot of things for the coming year, like taking extra classes, joining clubs, and volunteering. But I still want to do more to get ready for college. I know summer programs are a good option, but I'm not sure where to find them. Plus, I’m...

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Veronica Jan 31 401 views

Would it be better for me to take AP or IB if I want to be a pediatrician?

I am currently a freshman taking an IB course, but I have the opportunity to switch to AP. However, if I choose AP, I would need to take Latin. Unfortunately, my school does not offer many AP courses that align with my intended major, with the exception of Biology. The available AP courses...

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Veronica Jan 30 643 views

What are the most suitable IB classes, colleges, and majors for future pediatricians?

Hello, I am a dedicated high school student aspiring to become a pediatrician, but I’m uncertain about the path to take. Considering my enrollment in the rigorous pre-IB track, I wonder what would be the most suitable IB classes, colleges, and majors that will align with my future career in...