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Architecture and Engineering Occupations
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Paul’s Avatar
Paul May 12 160 views

How can someone become an architect?

I want to become an architect

brady’s Avatar
brady May 08 170 views

Is this the right fit for me?

I am interested in being a construction worker. I work best in an environment with structure, variety, and time flexibility. Is this a good fit for me?

rejoice’s Avatar
rejoice Apr 22 389 views

what is the inspiration behind great architectural works?

how can one go about a suspended staduim

Gabby’s Avatar
Gabby Apr 21 208 views

What should I become a planner, interior designer, or architect?

I'm in 8th grade and I have a passion for art, design, and creating spaces. Urban planning is the most interesting to me, but I'm not sure about the political side of it. Interior design also is fascinating, but I would if I'm not creative enough. Lastly, I love architecture but I am not the...

Mauricio’s Avatar
Mauricio Apr 19 322 views

Architecture career path and skills?

What do you need to do to be an architect? How much drawing is there and do you have to be good at it?

Lemuel’s Avatar
Lemuel Apr 19 305 views

How do I get into architectural school?

I am an eleventh grader really passionate about architectural drawings and structures .I am an active member of the arts and crafts club school and also the mathematical club .

Olayode’s Avatar
Olayode Mar 28 465 views

What is architecture ?

I need to know what is architecture,so as to help me in my understanding in the field I want to go .This is just to bring more impact in my knowledge

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Mar 27 329 views

What are the different types of Architecture Majors?

I know there are different types of Architecture majors/ jobs out there, but I don't know what they are/ what you do in them.

Aris’s Avatar
Aris Mar 26 342 views

In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of working in this field ?

I am a high school student doing career research on becoming an architect, even a post secondary teacher.

Maureen’s Avatar
Maureen Mar 22 397 views

If my natural inclination is not to draw should I be an architect?

advice, details, specifics,

Rashaun’s Avatar
Rashaun Mar 22 311 views

What are the different types of jobs in architecture? I think I want to become an architect but I don't know enough to make the decision.

I want to get a degree in architecture. Im not sure if architecture is the best route. I'm not sure exactly what an architect does. I like working with my hands. I like designing. I like problem solving. I was a carpenter for a year, and a mechanic before that. Im lost in the details. Drafting,...

mayleah’s Avatar
mayleah Feb 29 298 views

does anyone know how i could increase my ability to be more amusing for being and architect?

i want to be more amusing for people I'll work with when i'm an architect.

Cassidy’s Avatar
Cassidy Feb 28 411 views

What are good classes to take in highschool if you like architecture?

I like architecture but I don't know what classes to take to see if I really have fun with this topic or if it just sounds interesting.

Leonel’s Avatar
Leonel Feb 27 255 views

How can I be more helpful while working as an architect?

I am in 8th grade and looking to be an architect when I grow up.

Justice’s Avatar
Justice Feb 27 474 views

Is a major in Architecture worth it?

I was thinking about having Architecture as my major but I am unsure whether or not it is worth it.