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Wiktoria’s Avatar
Wiktoria Aug 29, 2018 1138 views

Scale 1 through 10 how hard are nursing classes?

10 being the hardest

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Aug 19, 2020 557 views

What's it like being a massage therapist?


Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Aug 19, 2020 810 views

What is the difference between a massage for relaxation and a sport massage?

This question is for a massage therapist. #massage #sport-massage

Latasha’s Avatar
Latasha Jul 29, 2020 544 views

What are the biggest challenges or issues that nurses face today during the pandemic and how do they manage to overcome it in an effective way?

#July20 #Nursing #Challenges #Obstacles

Nayeli’s Avatar
Nayeli Apr 14, 2020 563 views

What can I do to be prepared when I apply to a nursing school?

I am interested in becoming a nurse but I know there is a lot of preparation to be done due to it's competitive major. #nursing #nurse #college #healthcare

calin’s Avatar
calin Feb 06, 2019 687 views

What was it like getting through everything to become a registered nurse?

#registered-nurses #nursing #nurses #medicine #nurse # #healthcare

Mariah’s Avatar
Mariah Jul 23, 2019 3039 views

What motivates you to stay working as a nurse?

This question is for nurses or fellow people working in the healthcare field, I'd like to know what keeps you motivated to keep working in that field.

#registered-nurses #nursing-education #healthcare #nursing #nurse

mariana’s Avatar
mariana Sep 06, 2019 361 views

Why do people leave this field or company ?

#career #nurse#airforce #doctor #nurse

Chastity’s Avatar
Chastity Jan 10, 2020 705 views

Is it better to become a nurse or pediatrician? Why?

My name is Chastity V. and my goal in life is to become a pediatrician. I am doing research about pediatricians and have a lot of unanswered questions. I hope this website will help me--I hope you will be able to help me.

#pediatrics #medicine #pediatrician #nursing #doctor

Aysia’s Avatar
Aysia Feb 28, 2019 641 views

Why do you enjoy being a doctor or nurse?

#medicine #nurses #nursing #doctor

Daniella’s Avatar
Daniella May 10, 2018 727 views

Why do people say you cannot work in Nursing School?

I am looking to continue working throughout nursing school, but have been advised against it. Is it really too difficult to do both? #nursing

Marykate’s Avatar
Marykate Apr 04, 2018 693 views

How hard is it to get into nursing school?

#nursing #hospital #medicine

Immaculate’s Avatar
Immaculate Sep 01, 2017 1173 views

How do you stay focused and organized in nursing school?

I am a current nursing student. It can be difficult sometimes to manage my time well when it comes to my studies, family, friends, etc. I am looking for tips to manage everything well and still maintain my sanity. Thanks! #nursingschool #nurse #nursing #healthcare #nursing-education...

Heather’s Avatar
Heather May 17, 2016 805 views

I am getting ready to start the Nursing program and I have been seriously thinking about becoming a traveling nurse. Is this something I should pursue? I need a job that provides me with benefits and I want the extra experience.

I love nursing and helping people. I live in a small town and would love to travel and see the US and work in all different hospital settings to see what it's like other than where I work now. I don't want to stay in my hometown and never know what its like outside of WV/MD and looking back and...

Izabellah’s Avatar
Izabellah Oct 18, 2016 1190 views

Going in as a nurse is it reasonable to try to double major or is the course work load too much?

I would like to try and double major. I want to major in Nutrition and Kinesiology. I am wondering if their will be enough time for me to do both with the course work load that nursing requires. #nurse #student #nursing #healthcare #academic-advising