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health informatics, medicine, clinical epidemiology, neuroscience, nutrition
Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations - Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
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Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin Sep 30, 2017 938 views

What type of careers involve medicine and accounting?

#accounting #medicine

Josie’s Avatar
Josie May 21, 2015 7987 views

Doctor vs. Nurse Practitioner - Whats the benefit and downside to each career?

I'm a junior in highschool and i'm trying to decide what career I want to pursue.

Geonard’s Avatar
Geonard Mar 24, 2015 1369 views

Are there any limits to amount of investments a stockbroker can enter?

I know that stockbrokers main job is to invest. But, when an investment is unsuccessful how do a person get rid of that investment? Can another investment improve that previous investment? #finance #economics #stockbroker

Ross’s Avatar
Ross Apr 22, 2015 1979 views

How was your road on becoming a doctor?

So I'm in the 9th grade ( 3rd form here) and my name is Ross and I'm interested in medicine ( a pediatrician to be exact )but the thing is when I do research on this career it just really confusing so I'm asking here. Anyone studying medicine or is already a doctor I need to ask what subjects...

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander Apr 10, 2015 1388 views

Masters in Public Health.

How valuable is a Masters degree in Public Health? #teaching #health #work #social

Alberto’s Avatar
Alberto Feb 27, 2015 1456 views

What are the steps to follow to become a neurologist (college, medical school, residency, etc.)?

I want to be a neurologist or a pathologist, both of which require time and I want to know what are the steps to become one and possibly what majors will better help me fulfill my requirements to get into medical school. #college #medicine #pre-med #medical-school

Hector’s Avatar
Hector Jan 21, 2015 4722 views

What does a cardiac surgeon do on a day to day basis?

My name is Hector. I am a junior at Boston Collegiate Charter School. I was always intrigued by the medical field but I also want to pursue a career in Mixed Martial Arts. I am an undefeated fighter and currently the youngest, and top ranked teenager for Muay Thai in Boston if not...

Hector’s Avatar
Hector Jan 21, 2015 11523 views

How did you choose where to do your residency?

I know becoming a doctor requires several years of schooling, but I am unsure of the process after Pre-Med and Medical School. How do Doctors decide where to do their residency? #doctor #medicine #surgeon #hospital #medical-field #residency

DavidOppNet2017’s Avatar
DavidOppNet2017 Jan 24, 2012 27202 views

Is it possible to pursue two careers at the same time?

I want to pursue a career both as a medical internist and a classical pianist. I am a classical trained and an experienced performing pianist, who has huge interests in aiding those who face adversity with their health. #medicine #science #music #career-choice #career-paths

Torriece’s Avatar
Torriece Mar 26, 2014 1565 views

What are the requirements to become a physician assitant?

I'm 17 years old and I was wondering what are my requirements to become a physician assistant. Do I need my masters degree or can I become a well paid physician assistant with a bachelors degree? #healthcare #physician

Jazmine’s Avatar
Jazmine Mar 26, 2014 16064 views

Do you or have you thought about mashing nutrition and psychology into one career? Has it worked out or do you think it will work out? Why or why not?

I am interested in nutrition's effect on emotional and physical diseases. I want to replace pills and medication as such with nutrition and all natural, super-food diets. I have not heard of a psychologist who, for example, would replace antidepressant pills with cashews, which are natural...

David’s Avatar
David Mar 28, 2014 1323 views

What should I do during college in order to prepare myself for a career in the medical field, specifically, in order to become a Physician Assistant?

I am an incoming college freshman and am looking at majoring in biology. #medicine #career-path #physician

Jacqui’s Avatar
Jacqui May 06, 2014 2067 views

Tips on choosing a career in the medical field?

I am a sophmore in high school and I'm planning on pursing a career in the medical field. I'm thinking on becoming some sort of doctor but I'm not sure what exactly I should be. Are there any tips on choosing a specific career or, if you're in the medical field, how you eventually chose the...

Joan’s Avatar
Joan Feb 12, 2014 11369 views

What is it like to be an epidemiologist?

Hi I'm Joan and I'm in 9th grade. I wanted to learn something about epidemiology. I heard about it in school and I wonder what it's really like to be an epidemiologist. We discussed in class how epidemiologists study the spread of disease. What is a typical day for an epidemiologist? Or if...

Breana’s Avatar
Breana Sep 09, 2014 1264 views

Looking in on going into Sports Medicine help?!?

Im looking into being a sports medicine physician and wondering what it is I really need to be if i want to go into the Hockey field, helping the athletes with their injuries. How long in school (2 year or four) and really what it is i need to become a sports medicine physician? #medicine...