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N’s Avatar
N Mar 26, 2018 1482 views

Is it worth it to get an MBA straight after getting a BBA or wait for a couple years before going to grad school?

Don't know which option is better in the long run
#mba #bba

Zymeria ’s Avatar
Zymeria Feb 09, 2017 825 views

How much a lawyer makes a year?

My name is Zymeria Broady and I am in the 9th grade and i wanted to go to school to be a lawyer #lawyer

Akia’s Avatar
Akia May 05, 2016 975 views

what is the best university in North Carolina to attend to be a lawyer?

I want to make sure I am at the school to major in criminal justice and become a lawyer . #colleges #attorney #lawyers #judges

Mithun’s Avatar
Mithun Jun 03, 2016 902 views

Want to know the universities and the study to peruse for becoming a lawyer?

I want to understand what graduation / post graduation should I peruse to become a lawyer?
Also which universities are good to peruse this course?
Also is there an university that helps in getting internship/practice ? #lawyer #lawyers

Bianca ’s Avatar
Bianca Oct 21, 2016 921 views

What are some good internships to take to learn about computer programming?

I want to learn more, but I don't wanna work alone! I need a mentor to help guide me through this journey. #computer-software #computer-science #programming #information-technology

Joaquin ’s Avatar
Joaquin May 18, 2016 1282 views

What are some of the possible ways to gain experience to be an attorney?

I am on the road to being an attorney and want to know what is some way I can gain a competitive edge on other law students. #law #experience #attorney #knowledge #pre-law #courtrooms

Usman’s Avatar
Usman May 22, 2016 1277 views

For programming careers, what is more important: Being able to find solutions to a problem or having a deep understanding of a language itself?

A general question to help understand jobs involving programming better #career #programming

Paige’s Avatar
Paige Jun 18, 2015 1470 views

How many law schools are there in the U.S.?

I would like to become a lawyer and I just want to know exactly what my options are. #law #lawyer

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra Dec 12, 2017 1090 views

Do you have to know how to code to create apps?

I took a coding class in high school but don't know if there are any apps or software that does it automatically for you. #mobile-applications #app-development #coding

cristian’s Avatar
cristian Sep 01, 2017 1272 views

can one person change the world?

The nation is dividing, the poor doesn't have a chance to rehabilitate and start a new life, and the rich are getting greedier and only worry about themselves. Families are losing homes and more because our economy is so bad many people argue about the taxes and how much we pay, but that's...

parker’s Avatar
parker Jan 22, 2018 471 views

I'm going to study to my Business with Finance at Central Washington university and want to transfer to law school, what college should i try out?

trying to become a lawyer #lawyer

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Jan 18, 2018 1413 views

Is obtaining an MBA through a 5 year accelerated program and then going into the workforce a better option compared to just getting a bachelor's in 4 years then working?

I am trying to decide between getting my MBA in 5 years in an accelerated program or waiting until my company or myself can pay for online courses for an MBA while I am working a year or two after obtaining my bachelor's degree. I am interested in hearing feedback from business professionals...

Destiny ’s Avatar
Destiny Feb 09, 2017 661 views

What college did you go to to become a lawyer?

I plan on going to Duke University #lawyer

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth May 18, 2016 1755 views

Is it easier to get into graduate school straight out of college or after working for a few years?

I am currently a rising senior in college and plan to pursue a graduate degree. As I'm planning for the future, I'm currently deciding whether or not I should enter straight into grad-school post-grad or wait a few years. Will either one impact my chances of getting accepted? #college #doctor...

Johana’s Avatar
Johana May 10, 2016 1145 views

Is it true that you can get any degree and get accepted into law school?

I am planning to be a lawyer and my friend told me this and I wanted to see if it was true. #law