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Albert Feb 15, 2017 6502 views

What are the benefits of being a boy scout?

A few of my friends have recently gotten involved in scouting, and it seems like it takes up a lot of their time. Some of them tell me that they are doing it so they can put in on their college applications. Do colleges value boy scouts (or eagle scouts, for that matter)? Is it something that I...

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Emily Oct 20, 2017 1282 views

What career path should I choose ?

I love hearing stories and caring for others. I also really want to positively influence people . #sociology #stories #humanitarian #communications #thought-leadership #college #college-advice #college-majors #positivity #influencing #public-relations

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Jared Jan 16, 2018 1561 views

I want to make money in the stock market so what is the best degree to get for that?

I am interested in how the stock market works and am interested in a job in this area.
#stock-market #investing #business #stock-market

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Trang Aug 14, 2018 712 views

How to get scholarship when you have a bad grades?

Last year was not my best year. I am lacking in both study and focus. Now those grades and tuition dropped because I did not try my best. This is what I deserved and I am worried that I cannot get the most scholarship and grant from states because of my poor grade. #tuition

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Charity Jul 07, 2018 659 views

How do you balance your college classwork with all of the college activities?

#workload #college #advice #balancingact

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Esther Nov 28, 2016 2343 views

What can I do to gain more leadership experience in college?

From the start of college, I have joined many clubs and organizations to get involved. However, lately I've been stressing out because every time I desire to join a committee or become a board member, I never quite succeed. Will not obtaining leadership positions hinder my potential to...

Allison’s Avatar
Allison Mar 15, 2018 788 views

What job opportunities/prospects and environments are available to someone with a Bachelor's of Science in Applied Psychology?

I know that I could probably work in a hospital, or a therapist's/psychologist's office. I would like to know if there are any jobs where I would be mobile or could make housecalls or videochat with patients who cannot make it to an office building or perhaps are in another country? (There...

Noemi ’s Avatar
Noemi Oct 31, 2016 876 views

What kind of jobs can you get with a degree in Engineering?

There are a lot of different types of engineers and I want to know about the types. #engineering #in #someone

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Haylee May 18, 2016 1118 views

What are some tips on how to remain healthy during college?

Its always good to know how to stay fit, especially during the first year of college. #college #fitness