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Kathleen May 17, 2016 1358 views

What is the best way to stand out amongst other applicants?

When applying to internships and jobs, what are the best and most important ways to make yourself stand out from the pool of applicants? #internships #job-search #resume #job-applications

charlotte’s Avatar
charlotte Mar 07, 2020 744 views

Most Important Part to an Internship Application

I realize not all industries or jobs are alike, but I think it'd be worthwhile to ask. When applying to a summer internship and including my resume, cover letter, and letter of recommendation- which of these 3 do you find to be the most valuable/important?

#internship #resume #job #application

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Raven Jan 06, 2020 533 views

What are some degrees I can look into that are both interesting and fulfilling.

My name is raven and I find space intresting along with the brain. i have a passion with music and helping people. i have been through a lot and want to somehow help the world or specific people in whatever carreer i have in the future #career-counseling

Abdullah’s Avatar
Abdullah Jan 03, 2020 859 views

College Major Choice/ Career Advice

Hi! I'm a senior in high school, and I'm currently applying to colleges. I'm noticing that my list is rather small due to my specific major choice, marketing. I don't know if I should apply to the "prestigious" colleges that don't have business majors and just major in econ. I...

sophia’s Avatar
sophia Jan 01, 2020 1142 views

I dont have a clue on what to do with my life

I don't know what i want to do. That scares me. I've taken so many "personal" job quizzes but none of them have what i'm looking for, and i don't even know what i'm looking for. Im just scared that one day when i'm 30 i'm gonna wake up and realize that i made the wrong decision. How will I know...

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Dec 03, 2019 1363 views

Career advice for directionless psychology graduate

I recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in #psychology and I am looking for a #career-path that will be fulfilling, suit my interests, and not require more than a #master's degree. I'm an introvert, but I am interested in helping/understanding others. I enjoy puzzles, learning,...

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Diego Dec 10, 2019 549 views

How did you know the office administration career was the career for you?

I want to take the career of office administration career and i want to learn more about it. #professional #career-choice #career

k’s Avatar
k May 22, 2016 1564 views

How can I get better at math?

#mathematics #math #higher-education #college