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Sheillah’s Avatar
Sheillah Mar 30 558 views

Pharmacy versus midwifery. Which one is more fulfilling ?

I need to know

Sheillah’s Avatar
Sheillah Mar 30 509 views

How good is the pharmacy profession??

I would love to become a pharmacist

Vinh’s Avatar
Vinh May 15, 2023 394 views

Hello! My name is Vinh and I am a current high school student. I'm conducting an interview with any professional in the pharmaceutical or family medicine physician field for a Foundations in Health Science Class project about careers!

This is my second time asking this question. Unfortunately, I had only one person answer my previous question, so I wanted to ask again to get my questions out there. I have created a total of 13 questions. Comment on this post, answering all 13 questions to be a part of my assignment. 1....

Jun’s Avatar
Jun Apr 21, 2023 1214 views

How do I become a pharmaceutical scientist?

I would like to know what education path to take. I'm currently on the path to getting a Biology degree for my undergraduate.

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Apr 19, 2023 493 views

Ph.D or Pharm D?

How can I decide whether a Ph.D in Pharmacy or a Pharm D. is a better option for me?

tashara’s Avatar
tashara Mar 21, 2023 264 views

My next question would be what would I learn form pharmacy tech?

My next question would be what would I learn from pharmacy tech?

tashara’s Avatar
tashara Mar 21, 2023 347 views

How much work I would have to do in pharmacy tech?

How much work I would have to do in pharmacy tech?

Lavernius’s Avatar
Lavernius Feb 15, 2023 366 views

Is the starting pay higher for techs with certain certifications already?

Is the starting pay for techs higher with CPHT certifications from the NHA and PTCB, BLS, Blood borne Pathogens and HIPAA certifications? I ask because I am going into a programme where I can get all of these certifications and I want to know which ones are most valuable from an employer...

Lee’s Avatar
Lee Feb 03, 2023 3579 views

Do pharmacist use alot of math

What counseling degree is best for a Pharmacist ?

Trevone’s Avatar
Trevone Mar 16, 2023 654 views

What classes do I have to take in college to become a Pharmacist ?

What are some goals I should have for myself if I want to be a pharmacist?
What are some good colleges I can attend in Oregon to become a Pharmacist?
What could be helpful to know when going into this career?

Kavion’s Avatar
Kavion Aug 26, 2022 675 views

What type of places can you work in, in pharmacy

What type of places can you work in, in pharmacy

nicole’s Avatar
nicole Jul 29, 2022 812 views

Pharmacy Tech Questions

1.What are different job options for pharmacy techs?
2.How did you go about becoming a pharmacy tech?
3.How much do entry level pharmacy techs make right out of college?
4.What do pharmacy techs do on a day to day basis?

Connie’s Avatar
Connie Apr 24, 2021 709 views

What would you advise a Senior who is going to college this year?

Hi! I am a senior high school right now, and I will be going to college in this Fall. Please give me some advices. Thank you so much! #college

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Apr 29, 2020 776 views

What do I major in to be a pharmacist in a hospital?

#pharmacist #pharmaceuticals #college-major #hospital #medicalfield #medical

Alice’s Avatar
Alice May 31, 2018 765 views

What do I need to do if I want to work in the development or research of pharmaceuticals?

I’m currently majoring in Chemical Engineering. If I want to work with pharmaceuticals in the future, should I pick a concentration? At my university, the concentrations are materials, environmental, and bio molecular. Is medical school required?
#chemcialengineer #medicine #pharmaceuticals