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Bedford, England, United Kingdom

Within 40 mile radius
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ALEX Aug 05, 2021 318 views

What age could i work

I am in year 8 but i want to work to help my Family #work

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kabia Dec 24, 2020 250 views

What is the role of a registered nurse in domiciliary nursing

I an a registered nurse #chess

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kabia Dec 24, 2020 405 views

what is my job as a registered nurse, when nursing a patient in his or her own home


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SH Oct 09, 2018 583 views

What do you get paid? As a DJ



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BJ Oct 09, 2018 588 views

What schooling do I need to join the royal air force ?

#royalairforce #careers

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SH Oct 09, 2018 555 views

How old can you be to start?


I'd love to be famous

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Jai May 27, 2018 678 views

How to format your promptbook?

Another stage management question! So, I have recently finished stage managing my first show (Annie Jr.!) and it was awesome, my director/ teacher says I'm a natural. However, I ran into one key issue constantly. I don't know how to format my promptbook. I tried lots of different things but I...

Jai’s Avatar
Jai May 27, 2018 769 views

Insider tips and tricks for an aspiring stage manager?

I'm about to got to college to study theater and I am so excited! Right now, I'm setting my sights on being a stage manager, and it is a career that strikes me as having little tricks and things that can help me be more effective. I would love to know some for my future managing adventures! :)...

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Hector Aug 29, 2016 1130 views

I'm unsure what to do with my life

I'm in my first year of university in the UK and I'm doing Adult Nursing. I'm more than halfway done. But, the thing is, my head and heart are not into it. It bores me and does not interest me in the least. In fact, if I force myself to continue it, I'm pretty sure I'll end up jumping off a...

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Kayla Aug 06, 2016 569 views

Is it good to know archetictual styles for Interior Design? Is it import to incorporate the style into your design?

Hi! When ever I read home design articles I feel like the designer always know the style of the home they are working with. #interior-design

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Kayla May 21, 2016 527 views

How much time is typically spent drafting?

I feel drafting is an important part of architecture and that it is time consuming to plan out the small details. #architect

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Kayla May 21, 2016 1072 views

Do you have to memorize color pallets for interior design?

I am asking this because I feel knowing color pallets would be helpful and important. If so I should start memorizing them now. #interior-design

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Kezia May 05, 2016 998 views

Computer Science- how much maths is needed, and what kind of maths?

I am looking forward to doing Computer Science A-level next year and am really nervous about just how much maths is needed, I am also taking Maths A-level and am fairly adequate in the subject I just would like to know what to expect. #computer-science #coding #maths

Rockeem’s Avatar
Rockeem Oct 02, 2014 1834 views

What is the fastest way to learn how to cook, School, or trial and error?

I want to cook at a resturant #chef #cooking

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