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Clarion, Pennsylvania

Within 40 mile radius
Yukina’s Avatar
Yukina Aug 28, 2018 502 views

If you had to give a percentage of how much the court system rules based off morality, how much is it?

#criminal-justice #law #court #percentage #morality #attorney # lawyer #persecutor #morals

Yukina’s Avatar
Yukina Aug 28, 2018 388 views

As a lawyer, when defending someone who has admitted guilt to you but asks for an innocent plea, how do you defend them? Having to keep it secret due to client confidentiality, does it affect your conscience and morals?

#lawyers #law #lawyer #attorney #law-school #guilty #morals #defend

aimee’s Avatar
aimee Mar 11, 2018 397 views

What is your opinion on the theory of multiple types of intellignece?

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. I want to know what you think yours is and why you would agree with that statement. This a link to the multiple types of intelligence.

Joni’s Avatar
Joni Jan 31, 2018 407 views

Does anyone have any suggestions on a reasonably-priced, high quality university or college that specializes in film/television production.

Some of the schools we've looked at are so incredibly expensive. There has to be some schools out there that are great but that will not put me in debt forever. #filmschool

Joni’s Avatar
Joni Jan 17, 2018 559 views

Besides Los Angeles and New York City, what other cities in the U.S. have growing film industries?

Not everyone (including me) wants to live in such big places as Los Angeles and New York City. But I realize that to get a job in the industry, I may have to move to those cities. Those cities are also very saturated with job seekers. I was just wondering if there are other cities that could...

Joni’s Avatar
Joni Jan 16, 2018 440 views

What is the most commonly used video editing software used in the film making industry?

I am planning on getting a degree in editing and post-production for film/video. I am very familiar with Final Cut, but am wondering if Adobe Premiere is used more by professionals. Should I stop using Final Cut and focus on learning Premiere? #film-editing

ashton’s Avatar
ashton Aug 31, 2017 571 views

What are the best scholarships to get for nursing?

I start school on 18th of September of this year. I'm working part time and needing to find scholarships that will help pay for school. I graduated this year in may. so finding scholarships that will help out a ton! #lpn #practicalnursing #scholarships #nursing #medicine #college-advice...

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha May 22, 2016 805 views

How to go about getting student loans

I wasn't able to fit into any economics classes in high school and am now freaking out about what sources to use for receiving student loans. I know that I am going to need something as my current scholarships aren't fully covering my education and I currently have no money to pay and my...

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha May 22, 2016 1937 views

Career in art education... Worth it?

My art teacher keeps telling me that one day I will also become an art teacher. I've always been set on editing, but I had always thrown around his idea as well and now that he mentions seeing it in me, I'm more seriously considering it. It would also be an option that would be flexible enough...

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha May 22, 2016 907 views

I have lots of questions about a career in editing

Throughout my high school career, I've worked as editor of our school's annual literary arts magazine, and I absolutely love it, and it has influenced my desire to pursue editing as a career. I'm looking into editing more broadly in a book editing sense, or in a magazine sense, but I would only...

Gyna’s Avatar
Gyna May 03, 2015 1107 views

What are the benefits of knowing more than one language when it comes to Speech Pathology?

Does this mean you're able to work in different countries? #doctor #medicine #professor #speech-pathology #pathologist #speech-language

Gyna’s Avatar
Gyna Apr 30, 2015 3926 views

Do speech pathologists work with deaf people? If so, are they required to learn sign language?

I am wondering because I read somewhere online that there is 2 types of speech pathologist, one that deals with deaf peoplem and one that doesn't. #medicine #professor #health #speech-pathology #pathologist #speech

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