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Sofie’s Avatar
Sofie Mar 05, 2014 1240 views

Should I major in Education and Medicine at the same time? Is it too much work?

I am a junior in high school who loves to teach kids, I have been tutoring and teaching my peers and children outside of school as well. But I would love to go into medicine as well and become a Pediatrician. #medicine #teaching #teacher #college-major #education #career-paths #pediatrician

Prithvi’s Avatar
Prithvi Mar 05, 2014 21649 views

Should I major in Finance or Economics?

I am currently a junior in High School and I am very interested in working on Wall St. when I grow up, as I have been for a long time. However, with the main majors like Finance, Economics, Accounting, and Business, choosing a major has become difficult. So far, I have narrowed the choices to...

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Mar 04, 2014 3967 views

What is a good minor for engineering?

I am thinking of majoring in aerospace engineering or any other type of engineering. I hear people talk about minoring in something but, I do not know how to figure out a minor that relates to my major. #engineering #aerospace-engineering #college-selection #college-minor

Sofie’s Avatar
Sofie Mar 04, 2014 1227 views

What are some strategies I can use to write effective notes from my history book and be ready for my AP U.S History Exam?

My name is Sofie and I am a junior in high school. I am looking forward to take the AP U.S History in May but I am really struggling to write the most important ideas of the chapters. What are some strategies to write good effective notes. Please help! #history #testing #strategy #studying #notes

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Mar 04, 2014 987 views

What's a good minor for engineering?

I hear people talk about their minors all the time and I have no clue how to choose one that relates to my major. #engineering #college-selection #college-minor

Prithvi’s Avatar
Prithvi Mar 04, 2014 3089 views

Are there any "universal majors"?

After years of exploring different career options, it seems like my list is getting longer, not shorter. Are there any majors that I can take in college that really can be applied to many different fields of work? For example, I know a major in Economics can help get you a job in politics....

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Mar 04, 2014 1358 views

What college should I go to if I want to go into engineering (maybe aerospace)?

I want to be an engineer but, I am not sure what type of engineer...maybe aerospace engineering. The only college I have in mind is Cal-Poly but, I want back-up options in case Cal-Poly does not work out. #college #engineer

Rob’s Avatar
Rob Mar 04, 2014 2753 views

For some one in law, what advice would you give to someone who wants to become a lawyer?

I am trying to figure out my future with law. I have always wanted to become a lawyer, but I have had some recent doubts. With that being said I am just looking for some advice about being a lawyer. #business #law #lawyer #government #judge

Ignacio’s Avatar
Ignacio Mar 04, 2014 1870 views

I haven't quite figured out what my interests are. Advice needed.

I have been looking at a wide range of possible careers, but nothing interests me. What would be the best way to develop my interest? Through more research or through first hand experience? #college #career #jobs #college-advice

Prithvi’s Avatar
Prithvi Mar 04, 2014 9779 views

Is doing a double major for Engineering and Economics in college a good choice?

My name is Prithvi and I am a Junior in High School. For a while, I have been interested in majoring in Finance or Economics and college, but I have a lot of experience in Engineering, specifically Computer Science, so I am motivated to take a double major. Should knowledge of Computer Science...

Sienna’s Avatar
Sienna Mar 04, 2014 15152 views

What was your motivation to go through with fashion designing?

I am a junior high school and fashion design is one of my options for my future career and I want to know your motivations because I have people telling me that I should not go into it but I want to stick with my passions because it is my life and my career in the future. #fashion #fashion-design

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Mar 04, 2014 1743 views

What steps should I take to become an aerospace engineer?

The reason I am asking is because I have been interested in this career path, however I am stuck and can not figure out what I should do to see if I am actually interested or it just a thought in my head. #aerospace-engineering #aerospace #steps

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Mar 04, 2014 1390 views

What are some internships a high school student can do who are aspiring to be a physician?

I am interested in learning more about this occupation and want to know what internships or things I could do now to get a feel for this job. #medicine #internships #student #physician #high-school

Norma’s Avatar
Norma Mar 04, 2014 2139 views

Have you ever felt lost when considering what career path to take?

Did you already know what career you wanted to pursue at an early point in your life, or it take time? How long did it take? How did you know you wanted the career you currently have an how did you come across knowing? #career #career-paths #life

Prithvi’s Avatar
Prithvi Mar 04, 2014 2819 views

What steps do I need to take to become an Investment Banker?

My name is Prithvi and I am currently a Junior in High School. My interest in college is oriented towards Economics and Finance and after combing through many different career options, I decided that I want to pursue a job at Wall St. firm as an Investment Banker. What do I need to do in order...

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