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Mebane, North Carolina

Within 40 mile radius
Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Aug 24, 2023 478 views

I am in 9th grade and am interested in becoming an animator.

I am in 9th grade I am not the best at art but I am extremely interested in becoming an animator what can I do?

Giovanni’s Avatar
Giovanni Aug 24, 2023 258 views

What are the best things to do to up my chances of getting in when applying to College ?

What are the best things to do to up my chances of getting in when applying to College?

Carlos’s Avatar
Carlos Aug 24, 2023 487 views

What are some steps to get into entrepreneurship?

I'm a senior in high school and I've wanted to get into entrepreneurship. I have little to no idea on how I can get started.

von’s Avatar
von Aug 24, 2023 331 views

how do i get jobs in the automotive engineering field?

what do i start looking at ?

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Aug 24, 2023 259 views

Can you switch majors if you change your mind on what you're currently studying?

If you start with one major and find it's not for you, are you able to switch?

Tyson’s Avatar
Tyson Aug 24, 2023 255 views

Is a bach degree required to become an automotive designer/ engineer?

I am currently in 12th grade with a 2.9 contemplating weather I should go to college or tradeschool.

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan Aug 24, 2023 475 views

when is the best time to look for scholarships?

I am a junior.

Leona’s Avatar
Leona Aug 24, 2023 660 views

Best job to start at 14/15?

Best job to start at 14/15?

Tacari’s Avatar
Tacari Aug 24, 2023 212 views

how do you get a scholarship ?

how do you get a scholarship ?

Shyheim’s Avatar
Shyheim Aug 24, 2023 270 views

Where would I start if I wanted to start doing art commissions online?

I am an aspiring artist and once I feel like my art is good enough I want to start doing online commissions.Would you have any advice for where I would begin.

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Aug 24, 2023 4630 views

Are there any specific classes I should take in high school if I want to major in business?

I'm a junior btw.

Leah’s Avatar
Leah Aug 24, 2023 1330 views

How do I know what scholarships to apply for in college?

Im a Senior in highschool, I want to start applying for scholarships for my college year but Im not quite sure where to start or what to apply for. I want to major in Animal science in College, is there any specific scholarships I should apply for?

jaylin’s Avatar
jaylin Aug 24, 2023 297 views

What college should i go to to have a bright future in psychiatry ?

does where i go for undergrad matter

Kyla’s Avatar
Kyla Aug 24, 2023 360 views

How do you start a career in Marine biology?

As far as careers I am interested in marine biology and the Navy. I am currently in the 11th grade after school I plan to either attend college or join the Navy afterwards.

jacob’s Avatar
jacob Aug 24, 2023 327 views

How do you program Python if you can't figure it out?

I downloaded the program by phone and I have no clue how to anything in it can someone help.

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