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Salem, Ohio

Within 40 mile radius
Camila’s Avatar
Camila 2 days ago 323 views

As a double major in accounting and finance, coming senior in college and International Student. What are some guides that you would give me in order to apply for a full-time position in the U.S?

Is being difficult to me when I applied for certain internships in the past because I require CPT and sponsorship in the future. My goal is to be in one of the big 4 accouting firms.

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Apr 13 178 views

What foreign language should I take if I want to become a meteorologist?

I'm in 8th grade looking to start a foreign language. Which would benefit me the most if I want to become a meteorologist and work with weather?

Jackie’s Avatar
Jackie Mar 27 486 views

How should I build a resume and portfolio for work I didn't get a degree in??

I am about to graduate with a Business Admin degree, but took on a part-time Content Coordinator role for a print magazine. I really enjoy being a part of the magazine, but I don't want to restart my degree for journalism. What advice would you give to someone who wants to start freelancing...

rosalia’s Avatar
rosalia Feb 15 782 views

Is law school hard? What do I major in to become a good lawyer?

Hello! What is the best major/s to choose for an aspiring lawyer. Is law school hard? I'm a freshmen in college and feel lost a little... I would love to become a lawyer but I heard it's difficult. I also don't know where to start because I'm switching my major and realized that the only...

jaylynn’s Avatar
jaylynn Jan 08 1282 views

what is hard about college?

what hard about college? why should I go to college

Shane’s Avatar
Shane Dec 09, 2023 520 views

What classes and personal skills should I be focused on during my high school years in hopes of becoming an addiction counselor/ Therapist?

I am in 11th grade and live in Richmond Ohio. I am extremely passionate about exploring and understanding the human mind and emotions and have been through addiction many times.

joy’s Avatar
joy Dec 06, 2023 439 views

college applications and where to begin?

how to i begin applying to colleges? it feels like im a little too late to the game and wont get accepted, or wont have my stuff into. what do i do?

Lola’s Avatar
Lola Nov 29, 2023 677 views

How do I get on the path to become a midwife?

I'm a junior in high-school right now and I already know I want to be a midwife. However, I don't know how I would start on that path and I would like to figure it out before I start my senior year. I feel as though Google didn't real help and I thought I'd try here.

chris’s Avatar
chris Oct 24, 2023 587 views

how is being a doctor hard?

i heard that it is bard

Jaden’s Avatar
Jaden Oct 22, 2023 933 views

How can i be a better student?

What can i do to be a good student and strive to be good like harvard people

Poppy’s Avatar
Poppy Oct 14, 2023 423 views

How to choose career path?

What makes you choose the career path you do how do you know it is what you want and you ever think it was impossible at what point what changed your mind how did you follow through

Jayla’s Avatar
Jayla Oct 04, 2023 277 views

What to do when finding a job?

What should I do if I want to find a job? How should I look for my resources when it comes to finding jobs? WHy is finding and researching these resources good for my knowledge? When will these resources help me?

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Sep 30, 2023 291 views

How should a 13 y/o explore colleges ?

Im a 13y/o in 8th grade so i have some time but its just something i would like to look into.

Kaleb’s Avatar
Kaleb Sep 14, 2023 765 views

What is coding in simple terms?

Coding is like programming software

Blaze’s Avatar
Blaze Sep 11, 2023 438 views

How do you start with promoting yourself if you want to start an online business?

I want to start my own online business but don't know where to get a crowd.

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