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Whitehall, Wisconsin

Within 40 mile radius
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John Apr 22 520 views

How do you feel I could start up a career as an illustrator

How do you feel I could start up a career as an illustrator

Eithan’s Avatar
Eithan Mar 10 700 views

i am 14 years old i want to learn new skills any advices?

i am 14 years old i want to learn new skills any advices?

Rebekah’s Avatar
Rebekah Jun 23, 2023 762 views

What high school classes should I take if I want my job to be something with computers and technology?

I’m going into 9th grade and I’m already in a computers class and math because they are required but I was wondering if there were any other classes that would help?

Nuka’s Avatar
Nuka Apr 29, 2023 279 views

Applying to colleges

What was the hardest part about choosing which colleges to apply for and eventually accepting?

Jake’s Avatar
Jake Apr 22, 2020 702 views

What jobs could I find with a GIS Geography major?

#college-major #job-search

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Joselyn Jan 07, 2020 600 views

how do I choose a program in College?

Hi, I am currently attending a tech school for liberal arts and I Change my mind every day on the career I want to peruse #graphic-design #art #career #college #research , I started with dental hygiene and then social work and then special education and then graphic communication and graphic...

Jenna’s Avatar
Jenna May 06, 2019 463 views

Why did you choose to be a nurse rather than a medical assistant or vice versa?

I was sharing my career ideas with someone at a local clinic and I asked her where she went to college to become a nurse. She quickly corrected me and said that she is a medical assistant and the nurses stay in the front office. I always thought that nurses gave shots and checked patients in,...

Jenna’s Avatar
Jenna May 06, 2019 464 views

In order to become a nurse, would you recommend a two or four year college?

I am currently a senior in high school and I am trying to decide between a two year or four-year program. I asked a recent graduate and she told me that it depends on what you want to do. I want to be very hands-on and work in an emergency room. I like the idea of being more educated, but would...

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Mar 31, 2019 531 views

How do you deal with being a criminal defense attorney if you know your clients are guilty?

#law #criminal-justice #lawyer #attorney #defense

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Isabel Dec 18, 2018 1099 views

How much do I need to worry about student loan debt?

I feel stressed about college costs and bills. I will need to pay for college myself and I know that nursing school is particularly expensive. I don't want to over-work myself, and I want to do well in school, so if that means racking up 50k in student debt by the time I graduate I'm okay with...

Meng Fei’s Avatar
Meng Fei Aug 27, 2018 452 views

How to pay for college tuition by yourself?

#Are you going to find a job and work during your free time? Are you going to borrow students loan to help you?

Meng Fei’s Avatar
Meng Fei Aug 27, 2018 541 views

When you succeed? How will you accomplish?

#what can you do to succeed? Explain how you gonna do it.

Meredith’s Avatar
Meredith May 16, 2018 915 views

Why is college beneficial?

I really just want to know! #tellme #college #degree

Meredith’s Avatar
Meredith May 16, 2018 1994 views

Is advertising a hard job area to get into?

I am planning to major in a study that will help me land in an advertising career. #job #advertising #first-job

Brenton’s Avatar
Brenton Jan 22, 2018 652 views

What is an easy job to have in college?

As I prepare to graduate high school and go into college, I know I'm going to be taking on lots of debt and course work. I would just like to know of any fairly easy jobs to take in college that would help me pay a little debt off, but also let me have room to study. Especially like to know if...

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