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Woodridge, Illinois

Within 40 mile radius
Hayah’s Avatar
Hayah 14 hours ago 187 views

What are the best tips to start your own business?

What are the best tips to start your own business?

alex’s Avatar
alex 2 days ago 33 views

why is school so hard for bigger girls?

why is it so hard adjusting back to school lately? i have been trying to get back into high school and its so rough nowadays everyones so meh to me now

Annie’s Avatar
Annie Sep 16 114 views

How can I manage my time better?

How can I manage my time better

Bárbara’s Avatar
Bárbara Sep 15 101 views

I would like to pursue a master in psychology and/or nutrition, what are the best schools to do so, and where can I work afterwards? What kind of works are there?

I already have a bachelor degree from an international university, and I wouldn't like to repite the courses that I already did.

Kylie’s Avatar
Kylie Sep 13 78 views

How do I get ready?

How do I build a good college application? What should I do being homeschooled?

Ezekiel’s Avatar
Ezekiel Sep 06 77 views

When playing high school basketball and performing in front of professions and scouts how can I get noticed and show out in front of the rest of the competition ?

I have been playing basketball since I was young yet I could never afford travel or aau, and many tell me its impossible to get noticed and recruited without playing at least one of those.

Azalea’s Avatar
Azalea Sep 05 51 views

How does one explore options within the nursing field?

Once you have a nursing degree how do u choose what kind of nurse to be

brooke’s Avatar
brooke Sep 05 105 views

How do i figure out what exactly i want to do in business ?

so many different business careers

Stella’s Avatar
Stella Sep 04 62 views

What jobs have you gotten as an art director?

How hard is it to find a job as an art director? Also what companies have you worked for if you are an art director?

Avery’s Avatar
Avery Sep 04 146 views

What should I consider doing in high-school to prepare myself for an architectural major?

Additionally, what should I look for in a college program, and what should I learn/add to my portfolio to prepare myself for applying? I am a junior in high-school who’s taken many AP classes and challenges myself outside of school.

Sasu’s Avatar
Sasu Sep 02 87 views

How can i get as many scholarships as I can?

For students foucousd on becoming a teacher for high school students,I want to be an art teacher but if I can't than an animator or something in the art community

Jackson’s Avatar
Jackson Aug 27 120 views

What jobs are if best if you want to work with computers?

I would like to work with computers in the future, but would like to know the jobs that people enjoy the most.

Noel’s Avatar
Noel Aug 24 146 views

How much work is put in to become a surgeon?

How many years of school is it? What are the main requirements needed? How hard of a job is it?

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Aug 23 159 views

How should I plan out my college path if I want to be a dermatologist?

I am starting to plan for college and I don’t really know where to start. I’m not sure what I should study for my bachelors degree and or what type of schools to go to in order to start my college path. Also, I keep hearing different things when it comes to how med school for dermatology would...

Isha’s Avatar
Isha Aug 23 192 views

Is there still a demand in IT with the emergence of AI?

ai is just scary

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