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Paulina Apr 12, 2016 1374 views

how much does a pro tennis player get paid per year?

I want a job that i enjoy and that has travel benefits. i think if i pursue my dream of become a pro tennis player maybe those wishes will be fulfilled. However, this question is one i am curious about. #career #sports #athletics #success #tennis

Lamarre’s Avatar
Lamarre Oct 28, 2014 2549 views

What is the most interesting career in psychology?

I'm a senior in high school. I've considered pursuing a major in Psychology, but am still unsure if I should continue with this major. #psychology #sociology #social-psychology #masters-in-pyschology

Davonte’s Avatar
Davonte Feb 29, 2016 2188 views

How do you decide what you want to do in the future ?

I'm a high school senior, who doesn't really know I want to be, so i'm just trying to find an answer to what in fact i want to really do. #careers

David Ohta’s Avatar
David Feb 21, 2016 1635 views

What advice would you give to a student trying to decide between pursuing his passion (specifically English/writing) and other more lucrative subjects (Computer Science, Economics, Engineering etc.)?

I've been trying to decide on a major lately, and I'm torn between pursuing my interests or studying subjects that I know will allow for higher paying jobs in the future.

John ’s Avatar
John Sep 03, 2015 2245 views

What is a career that will be beneficial for me after college in terms of salary and also a career that will not die out?

I am a senior in high school, and I am looking for a career that will be beneficial for me after college in terms of salary and also a career that will not die out. I know this a tough topic to answer but I need some arrow to follow. A career in computers, game design, security, or something to...

Jeremy’s Avatar
Jeremy Apr 01, 2015 2167 views

What are the steps in becoming a real estate agent ?

I think real estate agent would be enjoyable and I like to look at houses. I think being a real estate agent would be a good experience. At one point my mom used to be a real estate agent. #sales #real-estate #real-estate-agent #market #residential-homes

OliverCodman4’s Avatar
OliverCodman4 Oct 15, 2012 2085 views

What collage would you recommend for someone who wants to become an actor?

I wants to become a successful actor. #college #career-paths #acting

Keith’s Avatar
Keith Aug 03, 2015 3895 views

What careers could could I branch off into if I plan to major in psychology?

I'm asking because I plan on studying psychology and I don't really know what there is in the field besides becoming a therapist and counselor. There's got to be many more careers to branch off into if I study psychology. #psychology #therapy #counseling #mental-health

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Sep 30, 2015 1967 views

A counselor told me that to be able to go to a University I should start doing extracurricular activities like clubs, sports, etc.(I am not athletic what so ever). My question is, Is it really that necessary?

I don't always have time for extracurricular activities, I also don't work but I have chores and lots of homework every night, I'm taking 4 AP classes right now ( I'm a junior in high school). Just thinking about joining a club and staying after-school sounds like too much stress! ( I know I...

Paula’s Avatar
Paula Feb 10, 2016 3352 views

Should i try different jobs that are completely unrelated to my degree or go and find one that i really wanted?

So, i just recently moved here in states and i'm a fresh graduate with a degree in Bachelor in Advertising and Public Relations. I was blessed to moved here right after grad but unfortunately, i haven't been into the real world of advertising. I'm finding it hard to find a job that is an entry...

Mason’s Avatar
Mason Feb 09, 2016 1001 views

what are some good ways to start getting money for saving up for a car?

Hi my name is Mason and I am a 6th grader and I want to know how to start making good money and fast for saving up for a car? #general #hunting #fishing #car