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regulatory Compliance Engineer
Haverhill, Massachusetts
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Weixuan Nov 28, 2020 1523 views

Is UC Irvine a good school for engineering?

# UCI # UC Universities # Public Universities # #engineering #teacher #school-counseling #history

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Rida Aug 22, 2019 1644 views

What is difference between hardware engineer and software engineer

#engineer #engineering #computer-engineering #engineer #software

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Lysette Oct 09, 2020 668 views

What are some Careers you would suggest for me?

Hi my name is Lysette and I've been struggling in find a suitable career for myself, I have really been drawn to language learning, and travel, but I am very creative and I don't want to do a career that is too technical such as an interpreter, I would like to do something that Is creative,...

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Jessica Jul 23, 2020 290 views

Why are you interested in this agency?


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Caroline Jul 20, 2020 380 views

Is there a "right" time to know which career path I'd like to take?

#career-path #July #July20

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Grace Jul 29, 2020 531 views

What type of Engineering makes the most money?

I am a rising senior and I want to go into engineering and I am a machinist at my school for my shop. #money #career-paths #engineering #JULY

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Benjamin Jul 29, 2020 406 views

I'm interested in becoming a surgeon, but I'm feeling a little intimidated by the intense hours required of surgical fellows. Is it possible to balance work life with a family life in this setting?

I am approaching my senior year of high school. I am planning to #major in #biology and continue on to get my MD. I am considering the possibility of becoming a #surgeon, but I want to have a better understanding of the #work-life balance of #surgical #fellows. #doctor #surgery #pediatrics...

Ruby’s Avatar
Ruby May 31, 2020 1046 views

How do I know what my talent is


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Jessica Jul 10, 2020 560 views

What happens if I want to change my career choice in the middle of college?

#career-choice #career

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Kat Jan 17, 2018 869 views

How do I know what sort of job suits me?

I'm not sure if I'd fit best into a sit down job or one with lots of hustle, I do well in school sitting down all day but I also excel in work that has me up and moving
#job-search-strategies #career-advice #career-counseling #career-development

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Lola Jun 29, 2020 410 views

How can I start?

I am 14 and I am really interested in the medical field, nurse practicioner,pediatrician or ob/gyn. I have still 3 years of high school but i want to now more about it all to have my mind set when i graduate form high school. I want to help in hospitals strarting at this age. What can i do?...

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Aun Jun 30, 2020 637 views

Is there Anyway to Turn a Passion for Networking and IT into an Extracurricular for University Applications

In my sophomore year, I took a networking class, which got me really interested in IT. Although I'm going for software engineering, I would like to showcase my passion for IT one way or another in the form of a material achievement that can be used on my University applications. Any...