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Katie C. Dec 19, 2014 962 views

What majors are good for me to take if I want to be a fashion buyer?

I am currently researching job outlooks on purchasing managers in my Money Management class. I know that the major of Fashion Merchandising is helpful for this career, but I was wondering what other careers are helpful as well. As a senior in high school, I am hoping to major in Advertising and...

#college #fashion #management #marketing #major #buyer

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Belinda H. Jul 30, 2020 208 views

How can you build leadership experience when you don't hold official leadership roles?

I'm a rising college senior looking to maximize her last year of college - would appreciate any help / advice you might have! #july20...


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Gabriella F. Oct 19, 2020 55 views
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g L. Oct 21, 2020 148 views

Is a business management class worth it?

Im in eighth grade and I want to be a copywriter (in advertising). Right now applications for high school are open. My local high school offers some good programs and has a lot of departments for kids wanting to pursue a career in business, technology and media arts. I wanted to know if a...

#advertising #high-school-students #communications #career #business

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Mallory D. Oct 23, 2020 123 views

What does a masters in business help with?

Is pursuing getting a Masters in business worth it or should I focus on a Bachelors degree? Would a Masters open any extra doors for future career options? #help #business...