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John Wei

Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Troy, Michigan
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Angelina May 22, 2019 1962 views

What do you like most about your career?


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De'kaia Sep 04, 2020 840 views

How do I go into the army?

I lost my dad last year on Christmas Eve #career-choice #military

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Miftahul Jul 26, 2020 1690 views

Is environmental engineering a good career to go into?

I've always cared about the climate and I've always had an interest in engineering so I want to know if environmental engineering is a good career choice #career

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Denis Aug 14, 2020 1130 views

Job search tips for recent Mechanical Engineering graduate with limited experience.

#job-search #engineering I've graduated in Mechanical Engineering from University of Washington with great academic standing last summer and passed FE exam last fall. Unfortunately I wasn't able to secure an internship after my junior year and due to this I have very little experience which I...

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Mariah Jul 29, 2020 729 views

What are some online business programs recommended for high schoolers?

#marketing #high-school #business

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Deepak Kumar Mar 03, 2019 655 views

How to get data science internship jobs in America for a MSC student while studying in France?

How to get data science internship jobs in America for a Master of Science in Data & Business Analytics student while studying in France? #internship #Technology#Data and Business Analytics

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Jessica Jul 21, 2020 429 views

How much do surgeon's get paid?

#surgeon #money

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Veronica Jul 29, 2020 515 views

What are examples of things I should keep in mind when attending college in order to be successful?

I am currently a rising senior that is starting to apply for BSN programs in the US.

#JULY #july20 #nurse #nursingstudent #nursing #college #school #advice

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Jessica Jul 29, 2020 487 views

What is the average salary for a biomedical engineer?

#money #engineer

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Amit Jul 29, 2020 539 views

How should i approach the firm as grower as well as marketing personnel as both are two different side type of work?

I want to learn the marketing skills as for a business to be sucessful marketing is one of the most important thing.
I want to learn the details of vertical farming as a grower as a want to start my own farm
#business #expert

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Christiana Jul 29, 2020 616 views

How do you build experience as a recent graduate with a HBSc in Psychology, wanting to pursue psychotherapy working with teens and young adults?

#career-path #recentgraduate #psychology #psychotherapy #july20 #july

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Jessica Jul 29, 2020 473 views

What type of biomedical engineer makes the most money?