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Ximena Mar 02, 2022 464 views

What is the difference between the company and competition ??

#marketing #competence

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Will Mar 02, 2022 2409 views

What are the different types of engineering degrees?

I'm in 10th grade. I live in minnesota. I love math and sports. #engineer #math

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Karla Mar 02, 2022 427 views

Where should I study or work to practice the career of lawyer?

I would like to study at a university where it can give me several job opportunities, since I would like to work in any city in the country to demonstrate my good professional knowledge.

Lilian’s Avatar
Lilian Dec 23, 2016 874 views

Is it a good choice to go to grad school for business?

I really don't enjoy the idea of being in school for a couple more years after undergrad but many people around me say that grad school is a good investment. Should I think about it? #business

Ximena’s Avatar
Ximena Mar 02, 2022 843 views

What is the average salary for work in business Administration ????

I want to transfer a business from Nacional to International .
#entrepreneur #business #accounting

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Feb 09, 2022 840 views

What if I don't know what I want to do as a career in the future

As a high school student I find many things interesting, but I still don't know what I want to got to college for or even what I want to do as a career. I would appreciate any advice that helped you make this decision. #college #career-choice #career #student

Abbie’s Avatar
Abbie Mar 02, 2022 864 views

What interests should I have if I want to got into event planning?

I'm a high schooler trying to figure out what would be a good career path for me. #career #career-path

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Mar 02, 2022 546 views

what level of education should i go for to succeed in my career ?

#education #career #teaching

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Oct 12, 2016 2050 views

For female professionals: Have you even encountered any obstacles obtaining leadership positions because of your gender, and if so, how did you handle those challenges?

I've always had slight concerns about being a woman pursuing a historically male-dominated field (in my case, psychology research/professorship), and I was curious what have been the experiences of women in leadership positions. Was it difficult getting where you are because of your gender? Are...

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas May 11, 2016 1660 views

How much money on average does a Operations and Supply chain management maker, make in a year?

I am a Junior in high school, and I love business. I am wondering about this because this is one of the majors I want to study in college.

Aniya’s Avatar
Aniya Aug 10, 2021 624 views

Should I do a dual degree or a double minor?

I'm a freshman in college. At the moment, I am majoring in information systems. I'm thinking of a future career in data science, more specifically as a data scientist. Though, as a freshman, this is subject to change. I was thinking of doing a dual degree in data science. But another option is...

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Sep 04, 2017 1057 views

Would it be better to obtain an undergraduate and graduate degree separately or together in a single program?

I am a high school student going into my senior year and can't decide which program route I should go into. Over the summer, I have discovered my passion for the occupational therapy field and the good that comes out of it. Knowing very well that I want to major in that study, I started looking...