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Mary J. Sep 02, 2021 233 views

What entry-level job pays very well?

I am currently in a very tight spot, I barely get any hours from my current job and I only get paid 11 an hour. I am struggling with my bills and I am struggling the most with my small business. I was wondering if anyone knew any entry-level jobs that pay well. finance job business...

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Sam S.’s Avatar
Sam S. Sep 06, 2021 249 views

How do you know if you're asking for too much pay?

I'm about to graduate soon and am looking for full time offers. During interviews I've been asked is X amount of pay ok for you? So far I've said yes because I just wanted to get experience no matter the pay. Now that I have 1-2 things for experience on my resume I want to ask for more. I've...

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