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Katrina’s Avatar
Katrina Nov 30, 2021 395 views

What is it like to dorm in college?

I'm going to college soon and I want to know how it's like to dorm with someone. #college

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Zaria Dec 02, 2021 423 views

How did you deal with learning difficult material?

When I was younger I wanted to be an Anesthesiologist and part of me still does but this seems unrealistic for me. With no support/ lack of resources it´s hard to pay for school, care for myself and stay motivated especially when the end seems so far. #doctor #healthcare #medicine...

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Dec 13, 2021 377 views

Should I take classes in the morning or at night?

For the most free time. #time-management

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Kendra Jan 03, 2022 488 views

I am confused on what career I should major in. How do I figure that out?

#major #career

Kendra’s Avatar
Kendra Jan 03, 2022 690 views

If I don't go to college what successful job could I get?

#college #future

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Sep 06, 2019 680 views

What companies and organizations have the best track record for promoting women in engineering?

I’m a senior student at Brennan HS. I’m looking into engineering careers because I excel at math and science but have a creative streak that needs an outlet. #engineering #engineer #science #math #women #womenengineers #womanengineer

Allison’s Avatar
Allison Oct 30, 2016 747 views

What is school like for a person that is actively pursuing an engineering degree?

How many classes per day does an engineering student attend and how many days a week? Also, how many hours of homework on average per day is there? #engineering #engineer #college-student

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RaeAnna Jan 27, 2017 3434 views

What are good ways to make money online as a college student?

Looking for ways to earn cash along side a busy semester. #money #college-admissions #college-student #personal-assistant

Danieli’s Avatar
Danieli May 04, 2015 1004 views

Do you recommend changing majors in college or is it better to stick with the same major because of requisites?

I am very curious as to be open to change my major in college from biochemistry to something else or should I simply stick with one major throughout all four years. #college-student

Bailey’s Avatar
Bailey May 25, 2018 455 views

What classes do I actually need to take for my major?

I recently decided to major in psychology after a long while of not having any idea what I wanted to do. Psychology really interested me in high school and I would love to go into neuroscience. However, I'm confused about what classes I actually need to take to do that! I've got intro to...

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Jul 19, 2016 701 views

What are some ways to prepare for my final semester at college?

I have one final semester to go at my current school in order to get my Bachelor's Degree. Are there any steps I should take during this final semester? Should I join any clubs or get involved with any other school activities? And if so, do those ultimately affect my career search after I...

Rbx’s Avatar
Rbx May 13, 2021 876 views

What could you have done differently/better in university?

What could you have done differently/better in university?
#literature #consulting #orthodontics #paleontology

Idris ’s Avatar
Idris May 18, 2016 1222 views

What is the difference between high school life and college life

I will be graduating high school in June, and attending college in the fall. Therefore, I want to have an idea what it is like to be in college #college #teaching #teacher #counselor #college-student

Sheree’s Avatar
Sheree May 20, 2016 602 views

If i wanted to become a dance teacher, would theater be the right major for me?

I need to know what major would be best to go into if I was to become one. #college-majors

Caroline’s Avatar
Caroline Nov 30, 2016 693 views

What are some of the best study skills for students pursuing a biology degree?

I am a student majoring in biology and I make decent grades in my major classes, but would like to boost them by incorporating better study skills. #biology #college-student #studying-tips